Honoring the Individual and the Mission That They Stand for

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As a Director of Client Services, part of my responsibility is to make sure that both our internal stakeholders and our clients are happy and engaging in the most effective way.

One reason why I’ve been with TaskUs for such a long time is because of how it speaks to my core mission. In all of the sites that we have globally, we are providing meaningful jobs to our employees that allow them to earn and help them better their communities as a result. I think it’s a beautiful vision that came out naturally and I’m grateful to be able to contribute to TaskUs’s success through what I do. 

One more thing I love about TaskUs is how we empower the individual. We allow people to speak up and have a voice, and not treat them like just another number or person in a seat. So thank you, TaskUs, for standing up for your people and for seeing the potential that each of them has in each of their unique journeys.