Growing in the Industry

Artist | Movie Buff | Student

I like trying new things. When I first walked into my interview at TaskUs, it was not like any other. The office looked totally different and the culture was unexpected, but I felt really comfortable.

TaskUs’s unique culture is definitely one big factor why I choose to stay. I can see how the company cares for the people. TaskUs has also provided me the chance to study for college. By having a partnership with a school, TaskUs made it possible for me to further my education. Now, I’m one year away from graduating. 

I’m thankful for TaskUs because even though I make mistakes, my leaders don’t make me feel bad. Instead, they let me know that it is a learning experience. What that has taught me was to be open. If I see something not being handled in the best way, I have a chance to reach out to people, let them know what’s on my mind, and help one another find the best solution.