Falling in Love with TaskUs

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As a Team Leader here in Colombia, I am responsible for overseeing the daily work of my team. We make sure that we continuously develop our skills to hit the goals and meet the expectations established by our client.

I decided to work for TaskUs because its core values perfectly match my personal beliefs. The culture of “people before profits” was something that I thought some companies just used to say. But when I got here, I experienced first-hand that it is true. TaskUs provides all the guidance needed for us to complete our job, to exceed expectations, and to prepare ourselves for the next step in our professional careers. I like being in a place that really cares about people and encourages creating special bonds because, at the end of the day, people are the most important asset in every organization. 

I’m six months into my TaskUs journey and I’m in love with the company! TaskUs has opened doors for me to grow, to see things in a different perspective, and to change my mindset about the industry.