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    San Antonio

    Rich in Culture,
    Dripping with Talent

    “Lizzy’s Clubhouse”

“Lizzy’s Clubhouse”
A city dripping with millennials and talent perfect for your campaign, San Antonio, Texas, is home to Lizzy’s Clubhouse, which serves as a prime example of the quality standard that TaskUs has built throughout the years.

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Lizzy’s Clubhouse is a Center of Excellence nestled in San Antonio’s growing BPO market in the midst of Austin’s booming tech. It is located near quality sources of talent, such as universities, business hubs, or modern populated areas easily accessible to both Teammates and clients.

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Guardians of the Web: Content Moderation Experts
Housing Teammates who work on the most sensitive and explicit information, the site is built with a robust and rigorous security standard and serves as a prime example of the TaskUs quality standard.
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People-first Approach: Wellness and Resiliency
We understand the impact of the exposure to the content the Teammates moderate. We take a holistic approach and built a resiliency framework to safeguard the wellness and wellbeing of our employees.
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