Upselling Conversions for a Leading Multichannel eCommerce Platform


Upselling Conversions for a Leading Multichannel eCommerce Platform

A strategic approach to upselling provides retail businesses with substantial opportunities for augmenting customer revenue as well as fostering customer loyalty. Statistically, the probability of a customer adding recommended items to their shopping carts at checkout swells by over 4.5 times with effective upselling1. As eCommerce platforms continue to rise, optimizing upselling becomes a primary competitive leverage point for businesses.

The Challenge

Our Client is a leading multichannel eCommerce platform that sought our partnership to improve their upselling conversion rates. Their key objectives were to increase customer revenue and satisfaction, reduce consumer attrition, expand their global reach, and cut costs.

The Answer is Us

Our Client trusted our expertise to boost their global market presence while maintaining the highest Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores. To achieve this, we implemented a series of strategic initiatives: 

  • Enhanced existing merchant evaluation workflows by integrating a resolution-driven upselling system 
  • Designed and delivered an interactive, application-based training program supplemented with post-training development to continuously improve skill competencies
  • Strengthened local culture proficiency in target Southeast Asian and European markets
  • Established an intensive internal selection process to ensure the suitability of candidates

The Results

Leveraging our #RidiculouslyGood strategies and exceptional performance, we were successful in facilitating business growth for our Client. Partnering with Us yielded the following results:

  • 158%  target achievement (19% upselling conversions vs. 12% goal)
  • 90% CSAT (multilingual) vs. 80% target
  • 88% quality vs. 85% target
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    Upselling Conversions for a Leading Multichannel eCommerce Platform


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