SuperUs: Safeguarding Digital Spaces

In this episode, our experts discuss the overall state of digital Trust and Safety. What do organizations need to do to not only safeguard their users but also regain their trust? Gather key insights and find out how TaskUs leverages AI to supercharge Trust and Safety experts in ensuring safety across platforms and their users. Visit to learn more!

Phil Tomlinson, Global Head, Trust + Safety
Ricky Girson, VP, Social Media
Aleks Bogdanovski, VP, Technology
Darien Moses, Business Development, Social Media

Key Trends in the Trust And Safety Digital Media Space:

  • The Trust and Safety digital media space is undergoing significant changes driven by the massive volume of content.
  • Bad actors have advanced their techniques to manipulate others by attempting to appear legitimate or validated, targeting larger audiences through tactics like misinformation.
  • Platforms need to do their part in striking a balance between allowing open expression and implementing defense mechanisms to counteract misuse to protect users.

The Key to Regaining User Trust:

  • Transparency and clarity are crucial in establishing platform rules and guidelines for acceptable content.
  • Platforms need to demonstrate an unwavering commitment to enforcing their own policies.

Ongoing Challenges in Maintaining Trust and Safety Online:

  • Platforms must continually adapt filtering processes to counter evolving defense technologies.
  • AI can assist in initial content detection, but human moderation remains essential.
  • Effective systems combine AI and human moderation, with human decisions improving AI algorithms.

Steps to Improve User Awareness and Education:

  • Platforms should actively educate users and promote responsible digital behavior.
  • Empower individuals to make informed decisions about the content they consume and share.

Mitigating the Impact on Frontline Content Moderators:

  • Recognize the critical role of frontline content moderators in ensuring trust and safety, significant developments have been made in recruitment, training, and providing essential support, recognizing the inherent challenges they face.

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