Refining Community Policy to Ensure Excellent Content Moderation on Social Media Platforms

Published on March 23, 2022
Last Updated on August 24, 2022

Since the pandemic began, more and more people have turned to social media to seek interactions with one another. But as the number of online users grows, so does the risk of getting exposed to harmful types of content. Social media platforms are now called to further strengthen their trust and safety practices, consistently fine-tune their existing workflows and community policy, and deliver content moderation strategies to ensure a safe user experience for all.

This is exactly what TaskUs did for a leading social media platform with over a billion users in their global active user base.

The Challenge

Our partner since 2017, the client was most concerned about staying consistent with their current internal and moderation policies. This has made hitting and exceeding target Quality Scores the top priority for the campaign to ensure that appropriate actions were being taken on reported cases.

The Solution

TaskUs’ experts were assigned to support the North America, Philippines, and Australia and New Zealand markets. When responding to reports, Teammates follow complex decision trees to classify social media content violations more granularly based on specific criteria in order to continually improve the client’s automated content moderation detection models.

We also developed the TaskUs Learning Experience, a training program focusing on the client’s major policies, to ensure accurate execution of content moderation. These, along with our value-add services of making necessary improvements to the client’s community policy, ensured we stayed ahead of content violation trends. 

Our content moderation strategy resulted in the following:

  • 82% Accuracy Score
  • Less than 60 seconds Average Handle Time (AHT)
  • 92% Quality Score

Our regular calibration and policy review sessions, together with our wellness & resiliency programs, contributed greatly to our success. This ensured constant improvement of existing policies and success metrics while providing a safe working environment for all our content moderators. Other keys to success include our employee initiatives that maintained high performance standards and expertise among teammates, as well as an improved leadership benchmark through the campaign’s expansion to new markets.
For an even deeper look at how TaskUs can help businesses improve their existing community policy to ensure success, download the full case study, Content Moderation for a Social Media Platform.

Download the full case study


John Schauf