Implementing Effective AI: Data Labeling for the Tech Industry

Published on May 11, 2022
Last Updated on August 23, 2022

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) continues to disrupt, reinvent business processes, and boost digital transformation for many businesses over the years. AI-powered tools such as Virtual Assistants (VAs) or Chatbots are being introduced as two front-liners in creating an omnichannel experience through AI. Today, companies are starting to invest in various AI software to aid their business operations.

AI increases productivity and profitability for businesses across all industries. Take a look at these remarkable opportunities for implementing AI-powered tools1:

  • 24/7 Availability: Unlike human agents, AI bots are always available. Using AI software can lead to a reduction in errors and higher precision accuracy in organizational tasks.
  • Handle repetitive tasks with ease: Machine learning models can take large amounts of data and predict and suggest the best course of action based on the data.
  • Manage time better: As employees free-up time from monotonous tasks, they can focus on more high-value activities such as retaining key accounts, creating content or working on strategy.
  • Reduction of Error: AI models trained regularly become more efficient and help make more educated decisions that reduce human error.

In Deloitte’s ​​Conversational AI: The next wave of customer and employee experiences study, chatbots and AI-powered assistants improve customer acquisition, reduce cost by about 15-70%, and improve employee satisfaction by allowing employees to do more meaningful work2. Businesses leverage AI-powered assistants and chatbots to provide round-the-clock customer support, help frontline teammates handle numerous inquiries, and help personalize the customer experience.

Benefits of Implementing Virtual Assistants (VAs) & Chatbots3

  • Improved speech technology algorithm development and machine learning
  • Greater computing power
  • Access to more and increasingly diverse sample data
  • New proprietary and open-source initiatives

Why TaskUs?

For over a decade, TaskUs has been helping innovative companies elevate their business solutions by integrating industry-level tools to cater to our partners’ needs. With deep expertise in the technology industry, TaskUs can provide the human capital and operational excellence to help you scale and optimize your training data programs.

Our data labeling services are composed of:

  • Intent/Text Detection ℅ VAs and Chatbots
  • Text Classification using Search Relevance
  • Speech Data Collection & Annotation via Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)
  • Data Evaluation in Social Media

TaskUs is your partner in building better-performing Machine Learning models faster and more efficiently. To learn more about our Data Labeling Services for the Tech industry, download our AI Services HiTech two-pager.

Download the AI Services Hi-Tech two-pager


Nitika Bhatia Whig
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