Driving CX in On-Demand Food Delivery: Maximizing Teammate Value Through Automation Technology

On-demand delivery has seen a significant rise as consumers develop a preference over food delivery services [1]. Even before the on-going pandemic, people have become more inclined to have products conveniently delivered right at their doorsteps. A 2018 retail holiday survey found that 60% of consumers expect to shop at online retailers, with the majority of the respondents preferring online stores over physical ones. [2] As the appetite for convenience these services bring goes up, so does the standard to meet and exceed customer expectations. 

This is where AI applications come into play. Bringing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning into the CX process could do wonders for businesses aiming to drive customer satisfaction. Adapting to automation technology allows for a more simplified workflow that will enable companies to maximize and scale their operations for business success.

The Challenge

Such is the case for a food delivery service client that had problems with inaccurate merchant details. The slow turnaround has resulted in cancellations that directly impacted the client’s revenue. This prompted the client to engage with our AI Operations team to build and implement automation into their business operations. Our teammates increased the handling time as they manually verify the information to ensure things are running smoothly. 

The Answer Is Us

We introduced an automation technology that eliminated the need to perform non-value-add tasks and enabled our teammates to focus on providing exceptional customer experience to address complex problems, allowing Us to be more efficient and productive. Our teammates are happier, customer demands are met faster, and our clients reap the benefits.

Find out how TaskUs’s #RidiculouslyGood CX automation strategy made use of automation technology in bringing efficiency to our teammates’ processes and innovated the client’s CX operations in our case study, Maximizing Teammate Value Through Automation.


  1. Delivery-only concepts are the new food frontier
  2. Deloitte 2018 Holiday Survey of Consumers

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