Data Labeling for the Travel Industry: Driving Smarter and Safer Automated Decisions


Physical restrictions brought about by the pandemic only increased consumers’ dependency on on-demand logistics services and delivery apps.  The transportation industry today is leveraging Automation Technology such as route planning to improve logistics. Making efficient data collection and evaluation essential in maximizing the customer experience and ensuring efficient delivery during the pandemic.

The global route optimization software industry is expected to rise to $16.25 billion by 2030, with today’s carriers and delivery services relying heavily on automated route planning systems.[1] This application of AI within the transportation business provides several benefits, including optimized routes, better road visibility and navigation to and from customer facilities for drivers, and managing toll costs. [2] But these automated route systems can only be as good as the data running behind the scenes, and navigation algorithms may still fall short if not backed up by efficient data labeling. 

TaskUs’ data collection and evaluation services directly address such gaps in the logistics and transportation space. Our In-Market Data Collection and Route Planning Algorithms solutions, partnered with our expertise within the logistics space, ensure safer and smarter deliveries from point A to B. Our data labeling services also include

  • Intent Detection and Text Detection for Customer Support Chatbots
  • Search Relevance for Content Recommendation Systems

For a deeper look into our data collection and evaluation capabilities, download our AI Services solution brief for the Travel industry.


  1. Route Optimization Software Market to Garner $16.25 Bn, Globally, by 2030 at 14.2% CAGR: Allied Market Research
  2. The Impact of Automated Route Planning

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