Brand Protection’s Role in Fighting Counterfeits

Prevent revenue loss and reputational damage with a robust brand protection strategy against counterfeit goods.

Published on January 26, 2024
Last Updated on January 26, 2024

The circulation of counterfeit goods online remains a huge threat to businesses, regardless of size. These fake products are often made from substandard and unsafe materials, which can deceive consumers and harm their trust and admiration towards a particular brand. Therefore, having a brand protection strategy has become crucial for retail and eCommerce businesses looking to flourish in the current market. TaskUs provides comprehensive fraud prevention services leveraging advanced technologies and human expertise to combat the proliferation of counterfeit goods, address fake reviews, and review bombing online.

To combat the dangers posed by counterfeit products, it is essential to establish a digital trust and safety partnership. At TaskUs, we are committed to safeguarding your users and protecting your brand. Our intellectual property (IP) expert team employs advanced techniques to intercept and remove counterfeit listings from online platforms and marketplaces. By monitoring online trends and analyzing emerging threats, we can anticipate and prevent the spread of fake goods before they reach consumers.

Protecting Brand Integrity:

Protect your brand's reputation and consumer trust by removing counterfeit products from online marketplaces.

Maintaining Brand Value:

Preserve the value of your products by combating the proliferation of fake goods.

Proactive Mitigation:

Employ a proactive strategy to prevent counterfeit products from reaching consumers in the first place.

Human + Technology:

Combine the power of technology with the expertise of IP professionals to create a robust eCommerce brand protection solution.

A counterfeit item is a fake product designed to trick consumers into thinking it is the real thing. These knockoffs are made with low-quality materials and do not meet the standards of genuine products, damaging the reputation of the original company and reducing customer trust. This marketplace fraud brings multiple negative outcomes for the brand.

Revenue Loss:

When customers accidentally purchase fakes, the company loses out on income that rightfully should belong to them. In fiscal year 2020, U.S. border authorities seized counterfeits with over $1.3 billion [1].

Damage to Brand Image:

Since fake products often lack quality, they leave customers unhappy, potentially giving the real brand a bad reputation. Even if they realize they have bought a counterfeit, the poor experience can leave a lasting impression on the brand.

Legal Issues with Trademarks:

Counterfeits violate a company’s intellectual property rights, and their illegal use of IP can weaken the original brand’s legal standing and its legally distinct identity.

Safety and Accountability Risks:

When a fake product harms a customer, the blame might unfairly fall on the brand. Such an unjust association can lead to legal problems and public outrage, damaging the brand’s image through no fault.

5 Steps to Fight ECommerce Fraud

As an expert in providing trust and safety solutions for various online brands and platforms, we at TaskUs have compiled five proven steps to defend against potential counterfeit-related threats.

Adopt Anti-Counterfeit Features:

To help confirm the product’s authenticity, integrate special tags, markings, and other protection technologies that are difficult to replicate.

Enforce Your Legal Rights:

Protect your brand with trademarks and patents and take legal action against counterfeiters to recover losses and deter future infringement.

Educate Your Customers:

Create guides and host educational sessions to help buyers differentiate between genuine and counterfeit goods.

Monitor Your Supply Chain:

Track where and how your products are made and shipped, and ensure that your anti-counterfeiting standards are employed throughout the process.

Partner with Anti-Counterfeit Experts:

Collaborate with service providers who specialize in counterfeit goods detection and eCommerce fraud prevention.

With a robust brand protection strategy, you can defend yourself against the commercial harms of counterfeiting, keeping your reputation safe and earning your customers’ trust. Contact Us to learn more about successful fraud prevention strategies.

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