AI in Healthcare: Data Labeling for the HealthTech Industry

Published on May 11, 2022
Last Updated on August 23, 2022

The healthcare industry is a slower adopter of technology and innovation than the other sectors, even before the pandemic. Now, with the paradigm shift caused by a global epidemic and the rapid increase in patient volume due to COVID-19 admissions, healthcare institutions are buried in clutter and disorder, forcing them to revisit their processes and risk response.

With these, the healthcare industry needs transformation focused on their priorities, all while managing their day-to-day functions. Their key priorities include an increased focus on efficiency, an emphasis on digital transformation, and the adoption of technological advancements to streamline processes efficiency and reduce costs.

Innovative technology such as AI comes into play where repetitive tasks can be streamlined to further optimized processes. We know that Artificial Intelligence (AI) outperforms humans in terms of speed and accuracy. It can build a future where healthcare is personalized, prevention-oriented, and affordable—improving both clinical & operational workflows1. Many tech companies nowadays offer AI-powered tools that can substitute for more accurate diagnostics, such as early detection of diseases and production of retina images2.

Benefits of AI in Three Key Areas of Healthcare3

  • Robotics: Robotics can help healthcare providers to conduct repetitive tasks, assist in surgery, and provide patient care.
  • Medical Image Analysis: The use of AI in analyzing patients’ medical images makes a more accurate diagnosis.
  • Precision Medicine: Shying away from traditional medicine, AI brings a more patient-centric approach—bringing prevention, personalization, and precision to everyday practice.

Why TaskUs?

For over a decade, TaskUs has been helping innovative companies elevate their business solutions by integrating industry-level tools to cater to our partners’ needs. With deep expertise in the healthcare industry, TaskUs can provide the human capital and operational excellence to help you scale and optimize your training data programs.

Our data labeling services are composed of:

  • Intent/Text Detection ℅ VAs and Chatbots
  • Image/Video Collection & Annotation via Medical Imaging & Robotics
  • Data Labeling/Classification through Data Enrichment

TaskUs is your partner in building better-performing Machine Learning models faster and more efficiently. To learn more about our Data Labeling Services for the HealthTech industry, download our AI Services HealthTech two-pager.

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Shoma Kimura
Sr Dir, Community Operations
Shoma has over ten years of experience growing and managing gig economy operations, focusing on the marketplace and community management in last-mile delivery, localization, and data annotation. Shoma also leads the Taskverse freelancing platform as its solutions leader.