Ensuring Free and Fair Political Advertising with Trust and Safety Ad Review Practices

Published on December 5, 2022
Last Updated on December 5, 2022

In a digitally versed world, political advertisements play a huge role in a very consequential election. Political candidates spend billions in political ads to influence voters and push their agenda. However, there arises the issue of transparency and safety regarding the types of ads appearing in their news feed and how political messages and misinformation spread widely on social media 1. With that, enforcing more effective Trust and Safety Ad Review processes and best practices is needed more than ever.

The Challenge

Our client needed to evaluate random samples of various ads/product types and identify political content and signals around established Socio-Political Issues and Electoral tags. At the time, the ads were mainly from the US market and had a separate queue from the other ads worldwide. To do this, they needed a reliable outsourcing partner to perform political advertisement reviews and enforce industry-standard Trust and Safety practices.

The Solution

With a focus on US market ads, TaskUs’ Teammates implemented policy optimizations and comprehensive training to ensure understanding and alignment on the policies governing the ads we review. Here are the two queues that we handled:

  • Component-based review – review a specific ad without the whole context
  • Preview of the ad – review the entirety of the ad

The Results

With TaskUs’ Trust and Safety Ad Review best practices in place, we have helped the client ensure a free and fair political election. We have exceeded the client’s target quality metrics:

  • Recall: 91.3% average vs 85% Target
  • Precision:  96.1% average vs 92% Target

Download our case study Ads Review – A Partnership Above and Beyond to learn more about how to implement effective Trust and Safety Ad Review to perform political advertisement reviews from a Trust and Safety perspective.

  • 1^Fight over online political ads heats up ahead of midterms
Download the full case study