TaskUs Environmental Responsibility Statement
At TaskUs, we approach complexity with courage, agility, and creativity, and our approach to environmental responsibility is no different. We feel a responsibility to both our local and global communities to continually improve our sustainability practices and focus. Protecting our planet is among the greatest challenges of our time. At TaskUs, we are committed to ensuring compliance with established laws and regulations and to fostering innovative solutions that reflect our company’s inventive spirit.
Our Priorities
  • Provide all our employees with the knowledge necessary to positively contribute to environmental protection through employee engagement programs that encourage recycling, efficient energy use, and water conservation.
  • Limit the presence of single-use plastics at our sites.
  • Conserve natural resources by diligently operating as a company without a water intensive footprint and with a light-asset approach to working with clients.
  • Promote sustainable waste management through minimizing waste, recycling, and disposing of waste using eco-friendly means.
  • Support a continued robust partial work-from-home model to minimize emissions that come from daily employee commutes.
  • Minimize travel across our global operations by encouraging the use of virtual meeting platforms, public transportation, and carpooling.
  • Increase the sponsoring of renewable energy projects across the geographies in which we operate.
  • Account for environmental considerations when selecting new office infrastructure.
  • Maximize efficiency in our facilities by optimizing seat utilization across our footprint.
  • Identify and implement ways to further save energy within our operations and reduce our energy consumption.
  • Monitor, benchmark, and review our current sustainability activities and progress towards forward-looking goals.
Our Board’s Nominating and ESG Committee (along with members of senior management) are committed to reviewing our Environmental Responsibility Statement regularly to ensure that it continues to reflect our sustainability commitments and creates value for our stakeholders while reducing our environmental impact.