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Why TaskUs?
Continuous care, growth, and development is the #1 driver for employee satisfaction.

This principle has allowed Us to achieve the highest employee retention and Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) than any other BPO/Outsourcer in history.

We train, develop, and scale teams of 47,000+ Teammates across the globe.

We are a Ridiculously Good talent management company that enables its partners to reach their growth goals at their desired pace.
Building on HR Talent Management Expertise
We rapidly and effectively, deliver core training programs to help organizations realize value from new employees and Teammates.

Building on the core layer, we then develop modularized talent management solutions to increase their capabilities and value to the business while creating meaningful career paths and development opportunities.
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Proof of Excellence

  • Maximizing Handle Time and Accuracy
    How we fully revamped a client’s existing Knowledge Base (KB), focusing on efficiency, usability, and applicability to maximize results.
  • Successful, Rapid Scaling Through LX
    How we supported a client’s rapid expansion through establishing an elite LX team to improve operational efficiency and metrics.
  • A Full, 360-Degree Learning Overhaul
    How we utilized our LX team to dramatically improve all aspects of a client’s operations, leading to increased growth and performance.
  • Enhancing Knowledge Base Management | An Autonomous Vehicle Company
    A leading autonomous vehicle company was rapidly entering new geographies with its proprietary hardware and technology, with no existing learning content.

    TaskUs created and managed five knowledge bases, and our attention to detail and consistent updates improved accuracy, quality, and content integrity.
  • Redesigning the Onboarding Program | An Online Food Delivery
    To support an online food delivery company’s onboarding redesign, TaskUs created an immersive eLearning experience targeting to deliver an excellent customer experience.

    TaskUs focused on creating eLearning design templates, interactive tools, workflow simulations, and assessments aimed at utilizing data to focus on continuous improvement initiatives.
  • Evolving the Agent Learning Experience | An Online Car Retailer
    An online car retailer needed help identifying skills, learning objectives, and creating the necessary curriculum to support the full journey of their customers.

    TaskUs completely overhauled the onboarding journey and curriculum, and managed the in-house development of updating and adding modules to align to the improved learner experience.
  • Improved Quality and Increased Accessibility of Knowledge Management | A Mega Investment Platform
    A US-based investment platform needed help in improving their knowledge management. TaskUs did a complete overhaul of knowledge base content, building a streamlined governance processes, and creating maintenance procedures for content integrity, quality, and relevancy.

    With knowledge base articles made more readable, searchable, and accessible, the client’s agents demonstrated increase in productivity and decrease in handling time, enabling significant growth revenue growth across various lines of business.
  • Better Learner Interactivity for Higher Conversion Rates | A US-based Online Clothing Retailer
    An online clothing retailer asked Us to outsource its customer service—answer all product-related questions and offer relevant merchandise for upselling and cross-selling to meet customers’ needs. When presented with a new 30-product release for a Fall fashion line, TaskUs partnered with the client to develop a strategy to train agents on how to answer product questions and position products for upselling/cross-selling efforts.

    Having developed a more efficient learning approach, the client was able to save time, cost, and resources while boosting Teammates’ confidence and preparedness for real-world scenarios, leading to higher conversion rates.
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