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Redefining the Patient Experience through innovative, holistic, and resilient healthcare solutions.

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Putting People First

Empathy. Care.

We deliver exceptional member and patient outcomes by empowering and equipping our Teammates with leading technology, constant innovation, and the ability to put patient interests first.

Member & Patient
Deliver a human-centric, omni-channel experience to simplify care navigation, improve engagement, and deliver better outcomes at reduced costs.

Payor and Provider
Drive efficiencies and introduce automation to deliver frictionless, high quality care for patients and members.

Health and Care
Provide the support infrastructure and scale needed to drive user-adoption and improve value-driven results on your healthcare and wellness platforms, services, and devices.

Our Expertise

Since 2008, TaskUs has been developing cloud-based solutions to maximize productivity, foster innovation, and elevate member and patient experience for some of the world’s leading healthcare and wellness organizations.


Healthcare & Wellness Clients

Delivery across geographies spanning the globe – onshore, nearshore, offshore, and hybrid models


Languages Supported


Digital-First &

Patients, providers, and payors are changing the way they consume, engage, and deliver care. TaskUs enables its healthcare and wellness clients to innovate to maximize efficiency, enable rapid scaling, and support patients and members in having a seamless experience

Our Services

Member &
Patient Services


Enhance the member and patient experience with care and empathy that reinforce trust and confidence with every interaction.

Deliver world-class results for our healthcare clients that drive transparency and trust with patients and members

24/7 Omnichannel

Engage members and patients wherever they are in the world, through whatever channel they choose; we’re ready to help any time of the day or night, and scale as you grow.

Rapid scale and
consistent quality

Leverage specific recruiting, training, and enabling technology to build a team of experts who live your mission.

Frontline-First and

Our teammates come first for us so they can put your patients and members first. Our teammates are digitally-savvy and understand that patients and members who engage digitally have higher confidence in the quality of their care.

Our Services

Provider &
Payer Services


Navigate member and patient demand, manage regulatory requirements, and harvest value through data-driven insights and automation.

Optimizing Efficiency for Future-Proof Solutions

Stabilize and

Introduce standardized processes globally and balance workflows to optimize costs and productivity across existing workloads.

Elevate Your

Adopt leading-edge technologies that utilize automation and predictive analytics to drive long-term efficiencies to your healthcare network.

Build Resilience and Accelerate Value

Foster a culture of innovation to always be effective, agile, and responsive to rapidly changing market needs, increased competition, and regulatory demands.
Our Services

Healthcare Platform, Service, & Device Support

Drive Adoption and Engagement to Improve Outcomes

Increase Engagement Among Patients and Members

Deep understanding of how to drive the accretive feedback loop between simplified experience and emotional connection in a digital world.

Drive Consistent and Deliberate Outreach

Implement proactive strategies to drive patient and user engagement at scale.

Improve Feedback and Care Coordination

Leverage data to identify opportunities to reduce friction in support processes to keep users and patients happy and engaged in owning their results.

Our Results

  • A Healthier Solution: Delivering Unmatched Value to Patients and Clients

    An American healthcare company, which operates the first and only prescription drug price comparison app, was looking for an outsourcing provider that can help them scale while remaining both remaining cost-efficient and high-performing.

    We provide unmatched quality, value, and performance beyond the price.
  • Helping a First-Time Outsourcer Take the Next Big Step Forward

    With only 6 FTEs in their in-house contact center, a regional chain of clinics required a solution that would enable them to handle the increased call and email volume driven by their newly-opened clinics. Focusing on our Teammates’ process adherence, empathy, and attention to detail enabled Us to deliver patient delight at scale. Enhanced reporting and analytics helped Us to create new efficiencies to lower the client’s cost to serve.

    Boost your patient experience with Us.
  • Delivering Exceptional Support Through Adversity

    With rapid and turbulent business upheavals due to the ever-changing nature of the pandemic, a COVID-19 testing provider needed to launch swiftly, safely, and smoothly. The client needed a provider to be flexible and support increased demand at short notice. To launch quickly as required and ramp up effectively, TaskUs provided holistic support from various locations.

    Trust in a partner that can move with you swiftly.
Healthcare can be complex and expensive. It doesn’t have to be.

We partner with many of the most innovative healthcare brands to make it easier for patients to access and afford the care they need.

Our clients select Us because they know their programs will be served by experienced healthcare resources, equipped to handle the industry’s uniqueness and constant evolution. They know they can rely on TaskUs technology and talent to deliver optimized healthcare experiences.
Shawn Stoner
Director of Client Services
Healthcare and Wellness
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