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Better management means bringing high-performance and agility to operate as a best-in-class partner.

ConnectUs is a suite of apps that power our entire business—enabling rapid-fast hiring, high-caliber training and coaching, real-time tracking, and powerful performance analytics. Our tools allow our management team more available time to do their job more effectively.

Two-Way Speed, Transparency, and Trust

better management

Best-In-Class Technology

Utilizes tried-and-tested platforms to ensure timely, reliable, and secure two-way interaction.

business agility

Proven Effectiveness

Thoroughly tested and proven successful in real-world scenarios.

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World-Class Versatility

Allows reliable and real-time global support via multiple channels like SMS, Email, Chat, and Voice.

Technology-Powered Human Ingenuity

The ConnectUs suite showcases a series of frontline-driven innovations, such as Eyo! and OmniBOT, that have proven to better connect people with each other, such as your campaign teammates with customers, by reducing or removing labor-intensive, time-consuming work.

These RPA-powered solutions work with any type of dashboard, applying program-specific rules to accomplish tasks autonomously, instantly, and accurately to maximize human interaction .


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Reduced Cost
per Ticket


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A robust and real-time business continuity tool used to communicate vital updates and urgent developments to ensure the well-being and safety of our Teammates.

A true testament to our people-first principles, Eyo! has proven itself in multiple crisis events across our global locations, allowing our leaders to establish effective two-way communication with no downtimes, delays, or messages falling through the cracks.

A Video Case Study on a real-time, people-first technology to connect with our people


An always-running, versatile solution that executes routine, labor-intensive tasks within defined thresholds. OmniBOT then automatically sends alerts for updates, and/or necessary actions that need to manually be taken.

Currently utilized by over 30 client campaigns, OmniBOT has been invaluable in keeping KPI scores high by swiftly addressing productivity dips, generating accurate reports, and proactively assisting Teammates with the quality of their customer interactions (via chat, SMS, and email).

A Video Case Study on an innovative, automated solution promoting meaningful work

Want to Learn More About Our ConnectUs Solutions?

Most of our digital solutions are tailored specifically to our partners’ targeted needs. If you’d like to hear more about how TaskUs can help your business, please fill out the form below and we would gladly have a sales representative reach out to you to answer all your questions.