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Better productivity means optimizing the work process and subsequent results of our frontline Teammates to achieve industry-leading customer satisfaction.

AssistUs consists of innovative, frontline-born solutions and technologies that maximize performance, results, speed, accuracy, cost-efficiency, and overall productivity of our clients’ Teammates.

Assisting Without Replacing

productivity services

Enhanced Performance

Provides easy-to-use, automated tools that enhance the speed and quality of our Teammates’ work.

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Crystal-Clear Processes

Guides Teammates effectively through decision trees and process flows that seamlessly overlay on client applications.

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Next-Level Learning

Aids in continuous learning through automated knowledge article pop-ups driven by AI algorithms.

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Technology-Powered Human Ingenuity

AssistUs’ suite of innovations, including TagAll and Prompto, is focused on the optimization of process flows streamline, enhance, and sustain a Teammates’ overall productivity in the workplace.

Fueled by intuitive yet powerful AI engines, AssistUs solutions function as “smart assistants” to Teammates, able to instantly recognize patterns, parameters, and other forms of on-screen information to provide intelligent suggestions or automated responses.


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An intelligent, automated, and continuously learning AI Engine that functions as a Teammate’s frontline assistant in handling multiple queues, customers, and tickets.

A true frontline partner, Prompto proactively suggests the best, most appropriate Teammate reponses to customers by matching each customer query in the chat window to a bank of responses—all with improved speed, consistency, and accuracy.
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A Video Case Study on intelligent frontline assistance and maximizing service efficacy.


An integrated, fully customizable solution that scans, tracks, marks, and analyzes any web page for text elements within its html document.

A proven effective back-office tool, TagAll eliminates the need for one-by-one text searches. It identifies matched words all at once, leading to meaningful extrapolated data. This translates to a significant reduction in processing time and allocates Teammates to tasks that require more complex intervention or decision-making.
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A Video Case Study on maximizing accuracy, efficiency, and frontline engagement.

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Most of our digital solutions are tailored specifically to our partners’ targeted needs. If you’d like to hear more about how TaskUs can help your business, please fill out the form below and we would gladly have a sales representative reach out to you to answer all your questions.