How to Integrate GenAI into CX:

Balancing Innovation with Safety & Security

GenAI can help streamline processes and free people to do more complex work, leading to a better customer experience (CX). But security is paramount.

How can companies balance both?

In this webinar, a panel of experts and enterprise leaders will discuss best practices and real-world use cases, including:

  • How to implement and optimize GenAI in CX, securely
  • Why humans and AI working together is the only way to unlock the technology’s full potential
  • The role of Trust & Safety and Risk & Response in your GenAI strategy


  • Jess Jackson

    VP, Head of Customer Operations
    Jess is a seasoned expert in customer experience and financial services technology. As a senior leader, she drives operational improvements by streamlining processes and developing new solutions. She excels at identifying customer pain points, optimizing workflows, and leveraging bleeding edge technology to enhance service quality and build lasting customer loyalty. Jess instills a customer-focused culture across all the teams she leads, and fosters long-term brand advocates by reimagining the customer experience.
  • Phil Tomlinson

    SVP, Global Offerings
    Phil oversees TaskUs’ global offerings, including Trust + Safety, AI Services, Digital Customer Experience, and Risk + Response. With 20+ years of experience, he creates digital solutions and advocates for better mental health in the workplace.
  • Manish Pandya

    DVP, Digital
    Manish has 28 years of experience in contact center technology, leading and designing innovative and scalable digital solutions to increase growth, efficiency, and customer satisfaction for businesses and their customers.