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TaskUs provides outsourced live chat support for 5+ apps on your phone, delivering real-time assistance, quick query resolution, personalized customer interactions, and excellent client satisfaction.

Our innovative approach combines a highly skilled multilingual support team and advanced generative AI technology to ensure seamless global coverage, effective problem-solving, and optimal cost efficiency. This allows Us to swiftly understand and respond to inquiries from customers in their preferred language, leading to enhanced satisfaction.

Digital Mastery

Our highly skilled Teammates combine deep technical knowledge with digital fluency. They leverage advanced tools and automation to provide swift and precise responses that enable meaningful chat interactions with customers.

*Average for Email support campaigns as of September 2023
**Average for Top 20 Email support campaigns as of September 2023

Reduction in AHT With
GPT-Powered Assistant*




Higher CSAT vs. Target**

Higher Quality vs. Target**

What Sets Us Apart

Smart, Cost-Effective

Our digital-savvy workforce and strategic use of AI technology, such as an on-demand machine translation tool, result in faster issue resolution, increased operational efficiency, and improved accuracy without compromising quality.

Digital CX

We offer tech-enabled services and prioritize efficiency and automation. Our consultative expertise in channel strategy, customer experience, operations, training, and digital transformation consistently deliver results that exceed KPIs.

100% Cloud-Based,

TaskUs offers fast and flexible solutions to meet your evolving needs. Our advanced insights and innovative governance model helps you stay ahead of the curve with powerful analytics.
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Case Study
Prompto: Making Chat More Efficient
Prompto is a GPT-powered assistant that searches the campaign knowledge base and automatically displays relevant responses from different articles, together with a corresponding confidence score. Teammates also have the ability to customize the selected response to ensure it aligns with the current flow of conversation with their customers.
  • 30-40 seconds AHT reduction
  • Up to 5% increase in CSAT
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