Chat Support

As touched on upon previously, a live person-to-person conversation such, as Chat Support, is a form of synchronous messaging where the customer and the agent must both be present at the same time to engage in a conversation. Often appearing on a company’s website or in its app as a static or pop-up dialogue box, Chat Support allows the customer and the agent to communicate via short, written, and synchronous messages.

Chat Support is a vital growth channel for businesses. Companies that want to offer the best customer experience must be aware of the benefits of live chat before considering how to outsource live chat support. Live chat advantages typically include more convenience than voice support and more immediate response and resolution time than email. With stats showing consumers spend 5-6 hours daily on their mobile phones, it’s a must-have channel.

At TaskUs, we enable Live Chat Support functionality to operate efficiently by artificial programming intelligence (AI) to respond to common questions. We can manage multiple concurrent conversations. On average, TaskUs handles over 18 Chat Support messages an hour and more than 7 million monthly.