TaskUs wins “Best Localization Champion” and “Best Use of Intelligent Interfaces” at the Global BPO TA Awards

TaskUs (Nasdaq: TASK), a global provider of next-generation customer experience and digital outsourcing services for some of the world’s most innovative tech brands, earned the spotlight at the inaugural Global BPO TA Awards held in December 2021. The company won in two categories for its people-first approach to recruiting and providing a ridiculously good candidate experience.

“Best Use of Intelligent Interfaces” was awarded for the company’s innovative use of its AI-powered nonbinary chatbot called “TUVA” (TaskUs Virtual Assistant); it eliminated the repetitive aspects of application processing so that recruitment teams can focus on the candidate experience.

The second award, “Best Localization Champion,” honored TaskUs’s local recruitment experts for leveraging local and cultural knowledge in designing hiring strategies best suited to the needs of their candidates.

“We take pride in the values we embody as a company. TaskUs strives to bring out the best in people so they can achieve success for themselves and the organization,” said Rajnish Sinha, Chief People Officer at TaskUs. “We want our people-first culture ingrained in everything we do, whether in the technologies we adopt or in the way we shape the experiences of our employees. It’s such an honor to be recognized for the kind of culture we want to share with others.”

Co-sponsored by Talkpush, Vervoe, Emmersion, and BPESA, the Global BPO TA Awards was organized by Recruitment Hackers, a global community of visionaries that aim to promote insights, best practices, and tools from the world’s top talent acquisition leaders. The organization’s first-ever awards ceremony is a celebration of some of the most outstanding hiring strategies practiced in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry from around the globe.

The awards received more than a hundred submissions from BPO companies located across 15 countries including Australia, Dominican Republic, Pakistan, Philippines, South Africa, and US. Of these, only 20 companies were chosen as finalists.

TaskUs’s wins at the Global BPO TA Awards come after a series of other notable achievements this 2021. These include several recognitions by Comparably such as “Best HR Teams” in April, ”Happiest Employees” in October, and, more recently, “Best Company Culture” this December.

TaskUs currently has more than 35,600 Teammates from around the world including offices in the US, Philippines, India, Taiwan, Mexico, Greece, Ireland, and Colombia.