TaskUs paints Antipolo crosswalks, advocates road safety through ‘Ridiculous Roads’

Published on January 30, 2020

The streets of Antipolo get a ridiculously good makeover with the "Ridiculous Roads" initiative, turning select pedestrian lanes into 3D murals that promote road safety among motorists and pedestrians. In collaboration with local artists, the city-wide activity aims to transform busy locations into eye-catching, interactive stops to remind travelers and residents alike on the importance of proper road etiquette. 

The project aims to positively impact drivers that cruise through Antipolo’s heavily-occupied school zones, residential and commercial areas. By using art as a medium and the road as the canvas, it conveys a powerful message: that addressing social concerns can be fun and engaging while remaining purposeful at its core.

One of the muralists, Alex “Tripp” Martinez of Trip63 artist collective, attests to the relevance of the initiative. “It’s a first for us to paint over pedestrian lanes on busy streets, and it’s important because we’re delivering a deeper purpose here,” says Tripp. “It’s somewhat new, so it’s appealing and interesting for most people, which will hopefully be effective in helping communities and keeping drivers safe.”

Implementing an innovative concept in a city that has major thoroughfares to other key areas is challenging. But with the help of Antipolo’s local government and a deep understanding of the goal, the artists were inspired to share their talents even more.

Artist Albert Raqeuño, a first-timer in creating 3D murals, saw the difficulty of the task as an added motivation. “It’s a privilege to be a part of something new, and it’s challenging because it requires technical precision in marrying aesthetics with purpose, which should both coexist in the outcome. Knowing that people will eventually benefit from this is what makes everything even more fulfilling for us artists,” says Albert.

Off to greater heights

The road safety initiative is part of the many surprises TaskUs, a new-age customer experience company, has in store for Antipolo as it gears to open its site in Xentro Mall. It also provides a glimpse of what people can experience in the company: an imaginative work environment and a ridiculously good culture that puts people first. 

The use of 3D murals on pedestrian lanes also reflects the city's distinct artistic identity. By paying homage to Antipolo’s artistic heritage, TaskUs looks to inject a sense of fun and excitement, and growth opportunities to the locals. 

The "Ridiculous Roads" are located along RCBC Masinag on Sumulong Hi-way, Sumulong Memorial High School, College of Saint Benilde Antipolo, and Ynares Center. 

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