TaskUs Officially Opens New Office in Harlingen, TX, Revitalizing Vacant Mall Space and Boosting Local Economic Development

Published on December 15, 2021

HARLINGEN, Texas (December 15, 2021) — TaskUs (NASDAQ: TASK), a leading global technology-enabled service provider for high-growth technology companies, officially opened its newest office in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas today.

“It's been a very big year for us at TaskUs and there's no better way to celebrate our teammates and to capitalize on our momentum than to officially open our new office in the Rio Grande Valley," said Hemi Sehgal, Senior Vice President for Operations & Geo Leader. “The Rio Grande Valley boasts of its emerging talent, friendly culture, and a spirit of community—all things we fully embrace at TaskUs and plan to contribute back to throughout our time in Harlingen.”

TaskUs kicked off the day with a ribbon-cutting followed by a day-long community donation drive at the Valle Vista Mall to fully integrate with the community. During the event, TaskUs was joined by leaders from the Harlingen Economic Development Corporation (EDC), city council, and Chamber of Commerce to celebrate the economic benefit of bringing TaskUs's office to the Rio Grande Valley. 

“The City of Harlingen is thrilled to welcome TaskUs to our community. They are one of the top service providers to businesses and we couldn’t be more pleased that they selected Harlingen as their newest service center site. This brings significant job growth and desirable employment to the City,” said Harlingen City Mayor Chris Boswell. 

TaskUs chose the Valle Vista Mall because of the mutually beneficial impact on the community and its business. With retail moving online and leaving brick-and-mortar locations open, TaskUs is filling empty space in the shopping center and has a significant opportunity to gain additional square footage as needed.

“This location at the Valle Vista Mall is a win-win for our hundreds of current employees living in RGV and the economic development of this community,” said Sehgal. “With this office location, we can offer our employees unique amenities that feed into our people-first culture—like shopping on their breaks and easy access to local restaurants—while also feeding the economic development of the mall and bringing traffic to its vendors. We’re proud not only to expand our business with this new office but to work to further economic growth in this region.”

“We welcome TaskUs and we are excited that they expanded their operations in Harlingen. They are a quality employer who cares about their employees and the community, and will be a great asset to our city and the region,” said Raudel Garza, CEO of Harlingen EDC. “Harlingen is also very well-positioned to provide TaskUs the workforce needed for their continued success.”

The Rio Grande Valley site, called “Laguna Ridicula,” includes a production area, training room, boardroom, break room, game room, and mother's lounge across approximately 9,000 square feet. Its design took inspiration from the Rio Grande Valley's rich agricultural industry. “The Harlingen area is known for its citrus groves, and our office will correspondingly have a large citrus tree as a central focus inside, as well as wall wraps with large lemons, limes, grapefruit, and other bright imagery,” said Sehgal.

Following the ribbon-cutting, TaskUs led community leaders in a donation drive to benefit Loaves and Fishes homeless shelter. Collecting non-perishable foods, hygiene products, and clothing throughout the day in the Valle Vista parking lot, TaskUs teammates finished out the day by dropping off the collections and volunteering for a shift at the shelter. Find more information on Loaves and Fishes at their website, lfrgv.org

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