TaskUs Colombia creates hundreds of jobs, strengthens bilingualism in its first year of operations

Published on December 14, 2021

CALI, Colombia (December 14, 2021)—TaskUs (Nasdaq: TASK), a global outsourcing provider serving some of the most innovative tech firms in the world, has created hundreds of jobs in Cali since it started its operations in March 2021. The company has also grown its client base and the lines of service it offers.

“Our commitment to the development of Cali starts with our very own people. We make sure our employees are happy and that they stick with Us because of our culture and benefits,” said Guillermo Ulloa, Vice President of Operations at TaskUs Colombia. “For Us, investing in our employees ultimately translates into an even better work environment and quality service for our clients.”

TaskUs arrived at a crucial time when unemployment rates were on the rise because of COVID-19. By offering attractive benefits, employee engagement activities, and career development programs, the company is able to attract the city’s highly educated and bilingual talent pool while helping to reactivate the local economy.

“We join in celebrating TaskUs for their first year in Colombia. TaskUs is a company synonymous with inclusion and investment in the professional development of their employees. ProColombia fully supports companies like TaskUs that invest in Colombia and contribute to the formation of our talent and economic reactivation," stated Flavia Santoro, President of ProColombia.

Unmatched employment benefits

In Colombia, companies often reserve benefits such as healthcare coverage for upper management. TaskUs has taken a different approach by giving all employees, regardless of position, access to medicina prepagada, dental plans, and life insurance—all with 100 percent coverage. Two beneficiaries are also eligible for up to 50 percent coverage of the same benefits.

Other perks are also available at TaskUs. Employees have been working from home since operations began to ensure their safety during the pandemic. The company’s robust wellness and resiliency programs also offer free resources, life coaching, and 24/7 psychological and psychiatric services for those experiencing stress and other mental health issues. To further ensure work-life balance, all employees, regardless of tenure and job level, also get to enjoy a paid birthday leave.

All this has resulted in TaskUs Colombia receiving one of the highest employee satisfaction scores among all of the company’s locations globally.

Job-readiness program

TaskUs Colombia also extends its benefits to the greater community by starting a free online language program called “The Art of Fluency: The TaskUs Language Academy.” In partnership with the local government and Invest Pacific, the program aims to strengthen the English communication skills of the local workforce, especially those interested in building a career in the customer service and care industry.

“We are proud to work in alliance with a foreign company like TaskUs, which contributes to the social development of our city through the creation of local jobs,” said Liliana Sierra, Secretary of Economic Development. “We appreciate their commitment to enhancing bilingualism in the city through its Language Academy, an effort which we will continuously support and contribute to."

English proficiency has become an advantage for local talent as business outsourcing grows in Cali and the Valle del Cauca region. Companies often offer language training for their own employees to increase their competitiveness. At TaskUs, the same training is offered to everyone and not just employees. The company is happy to help Caleños enter the industry through lessons designed to improve vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, tone, and other aspects of effective communication. At the end of the program, graduates can apply for available positions at TaskUs.

Giving back to the community

As part of the company’s commitment to local growth and development, TaskUs has also taken an active participation in the city’s social initiatives. In October 2021, TaskUs volunteers participated in restoring one of the city’s most iconic landmarks, the Club San Fernando. Organized in collaboration with the Mayor’s Office and Invest Pacific, the revitalization project aims to transform the old facility into an interactive science and technology hub to attract tourism.

"We celebrate TaskUs’s first year of operations in Cali and their commitment to the social and economic development of our city-region. Their achievements reassure the investment confidence in Cali, thanks to its vocation for services, strong business network, and qualified bilingual human talent. At Invest Pacific, we will continue supporting foreign direct investment projects like this in Valle del Cauca,” said Alejandro Ossa Cárdenas, Executive Director of Invest Pacific.

TaskUs is also excited to take part in the upcoming Cali Fair, the city’s most anticipated event happening from December 25 to 30. The festival showcases a series of colorful activities including the Salsódromo, the parade of classic and vintage cars, and the Carnaval de Cali Viejo in celebration of the region’s cultural identity.

Looking toward to the new year

TaskUs continuously offers employment opportunities to Caleños, especially the youth. The company also has plans of increasing the number of its Language Academy trainers to accommodate more participants, and help develop more job-ready talents capable of providing excellent customer service to international clients.

“Cali has given TaskUs a very warm welcome when we first arrived. We want to continue giving back by opening more opportunities for the local community to pursue professional growth and achieve their dreams,” said Ulloa.

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