TaskUs boosts employee Perks & Benefits amid COVID-19 pandemic

Published on October 23, 2020

“TaskUs has long led the industry when it comes to employee benefits. Many of these benefits like gyms and child care were available at our ridiculously designed offices. It has now been more than seven months since we moved all of our teammates to work from home. In response to the pandemic, we have had to get creative with how we care for our teammates,” said TaskUs CEO Bryce Maddock. 

Since shifting nearly all of its global teammates to work from home in response to the COVID pandemic, TaskUs has rolled out new work-life balance commitments like meeting-free Fridays, no-chat weekends, and the requirement that everyone take a week-long vacation without checking their email.

Teammates also have access to one-on-one meetings with in-house life coaches and 24/7 psychological and psychiatric services via teleconsultation. Life coaching and mental health teleconsultations are free. And the system for teleconsultations is being expanded to reach teammates beyond the U.S., Philippines, and India.

“We are inspired by the Comparably award to continue to expand our investments in all forms of health and wellness,” Maddock said. 

Meanwhile, the company has reinvented employee engagement with virtual happy hours and wellness sessions—ranging from mindfulness meditation and stretching exercises to dance fitness and laughter yoga. Additionally, TaskUs has rolled out the Connect15 platform which randomly connects two TaskUs employees for a serendipitous fifteen minute Zoom conversation.

"While salary is a factor to consider when determining where to work, it is not necessarily the most important aspect to job seekers," said Comparably CEO Jason Nazar in a statement.

"There are other ways to keep employees satisfied. By going above and beyond with extra perks and giving more than just ancillary medical and dental benefits, the companies on our Best Perks & Benefits list show employees that they care about other areas of their lives," he added.

In 2019, TaskUs received at least seven awards from Comparably, including Best Company Culture, Best Company for Women, and Best Company for Professional Development. The awards are based on anonymous employee ratings on Comparably.com.

TaskUs currently has over 20,000 teammates around the world with offices across the U.S., the Philippines, India, Taiwan, Mexico, and Greece.

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