TaskUs shares key actionable steps to drive employee retention and loyalty with HR publication Talent Management

Published on September 20, 2022

How do you hone and nurture future leaders when the current generation of employees are always moving jobs? In an article published on Talent Management, TaskUs’ Senior Director of Learning Experience and Consulting Elizabeth Pierce shared that the key to driving employee retention and loyalty is investing in their training and development.

“It cannot be stressed enough that companies must already be proactive in upskilling and retaining their employees, particularly the millennials and Gen Zers. It is a no-brainer that the next leaders of any company will highly likely come from these generations, so it pays to invest in their training and development as early as possible,” she said. 

According to a report by BBC, Gen Z-ers expect bigger salaries and more flexibility to work remotely. On the other hand, a significant percentage of millennials have changed jobs within the past year. Given their distinct attitudes towards work, Pierce highlighted the three A’s to drive employee retention: assess their learning experience capabilities to the needs of their workforce, assemble its employees to support their growth internally, so that they can aim at its growth more effectively.

“Organizations must be supported in rallying teams during a crisis, reducing burnout, and improving work and leadership skills. By following the three As, a company can more effectively prosper in this competitive market,” she said.

Read the full article here: The three As of retaining high-performing millennials and Gen Z in the workplace


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