Manila Standard talks about why taking care of employees is good business

Published on August 17, 2022

Manila Standard Lifestyle Editor Nickie Wang shared in a report his personal experience of visiting two of TaskUs' latest sites: "Phoenix" in Ortigas City and "Atlantis" in Batangas City, Philippines. 

Wang highlighted how TaskUs has built a reputation for having some of the best office spaces in the industry. Creating a unique theme for each office, the company aims to inspire creativity, engagement, and well-being among its teammates. 

He also emphasized how the majority of TaskUs offices across the country are strategically located in non-metro areas, including La Union, Bulacan, Bohol, Pampanga, Antipolo, and Batangas, to promote work-life balance. Even for sites located in the National Capital Region, offices have close proximity to both residential and commercial areas and are easily accessible—all of which contribute to promoting a higher quality of life for its people.

The report also highlighted TaskUs' best-in-class employee perks and benefits, including the company's Wellness & Resiliency programs, all of which aim to empower teammates at work every day.

“Our teammates are the bedrock of our organization,” TaskUs' Co-Founder and CEO Bryce Maddock told the author. “Individually our teammates are great, but united, together, in the office we are unstoppable. This is why we build the coolest offices in the industry. We want our people to be excited to come to work.”

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