How Digital Transformation Drove Customer Loyalty During the Pandemic — and How to Keep That Loyalty Now

Published on July 23, 2021

Digital transformation is no longer an option to enterprises that want to stay in the business—it should already be seen as a needed action to drive better consumer engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty, especially at a time when a global pandemic has brought everything and everybody online. TaskUs's Chief Customer Officer Jarrod Johnson emphasized in his article published on CustomerThink, a global online community of business leaders, that COVID-19 made the need for digital transformation an urgent brand differentiator.

Companies should realize that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed consumer behavior. "As digital channels like chat, email, social media, or text messages become an even bigger part of our work and personal lives, consumers also want more instant replies in their customer experiences. In fact, 82 percent of consumers are now more comfortable using digital support – such as online chat or customer service via social media," he said, referring to a PWC report. This is why digital customer experience, which TaskUs has solid expertise in, should not stay in companies’ backburners anymore.

Further, companies should also consider early on how they can bank on technology to better understand customer intent, gather better data, automate processes and continue the evolution of self-service experiences to drive up their numbers. To achieve a successful digital transformation, Johnson reminds companies that technology and talent should go together. "The balance should come from choosing the right solutions to create the right outcomes," he said. 

In the end, digital transformation should always be done on a people-first approach. “By investing in the right technology and bringing on the right partners, companies can drive more customer satisfaction with less effort and cost. In a world where everything is digital, the answer to improving customer loyalty lies in digital transformation,” said Johnson.

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