Hiring process should be a two-way street – Rajnish Sinha on improving candidate experience in HR Dive

Published on February 21, 2022

The global labor market took an unexpected turn when the Great Resignation arised–jobs vacancies peaked at 11 million in October 2021 due to the exodus of employees. Now the table has turned and job seekers are no longer looking for companies—companies are now the ones looking for interested applicants.

The struggle to attract and retain talent further pressed on as employees have become more aware of their wellness and are now seeking more fulfilling roles to achieve a healthier work-life balance. In his byline piece published in HR Dive, TaskUs Chief People Officer Rajnish Sinha says the key in attracting talents and making them stay starts with hiring and recruiting.

“Employers should consider improving on their existing hiring process,” he said. “It's arguably the most overlooked and underrated part of every organization—many companies have taken for granted that job seekers will come to them. But first impressions count today, and employers need to realize the added value of relationship-building with prospective employees.”

Citing a CareerPlug report that looks into the candidate’s hiring and recruitment experience, Sinha said that 75 percent of the respondents that had a positive experience said it was a big deciding factor in accepting the offer, implying that a great candidate experience should also be approached as a two-way street. 

“The hiring process is not only an opportunity for employers to select future employees; it's also a chance for candidates to select their future employer as well," said Sinha. "People are dynamic, with ideas, intentions, and most importantly, options. By developing more human and less transactional relationships with prospective employees, companies are able to contribute to employer branding on a much more personal level.” 

Read the full article here: How to level up candidate experience during the Great Resignation


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