Forbes, TaskUs tackle the importance of ethical AI development

Published on August 18, 2022

A Forbes article highlighted how many data labelers in the AI industry today continue to contend with low wages, the ever-present threat of unemployment, and little or no prospects for career advancement. It further noted how a growing number of ethical data labeling service providers are changing the industry by ensuring their employees are well-compensated and supported while also having access to bespoke training initiatives. Not only does this boost employee retention levels, but it also yields an enhanced consistency of reliable work-related outcomes.

TaskUs’ Director for AI Services, Shoma Kimura, believes that tech companies should not face the risk of relying on compromised AI systems as it would highly likely result in disappointed or even outraged consumers and end-users. 

For companies looking to meet and even exceed client and customer expectations, it is essential that they work with a data labeling partner that exemplifies their own operating model and practices a people-first philosophy.

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