Cali 24 Horas Talks About the TaskUs Language Academy

Published on April 22, 2022

Being fluent or well versed in another language is a skill that many would like to have since it gives them an edge, especially when applying for work. And TaskUs’ Language Academy provides potential candidates this edge by providing lessons in English–as recently discussed in an interview on Cali 24 Horas

TaskUs is committed to training young people interested to be part of the outsourcing industry, which is why the program, The Art of Fluency: the TaskUs Language Academy, was established. This is a free virtual program available to people who are interested in improving their English proficiency and includes lessons on spoken and written English, soft skills such as building trust, empathy, and other important communication skills.

Guillermo Ulloa, TaskUs Vice President of Operations in Colombia shares, “Many Caleños have great potential to achieve their best in companies that have a global reach. The TaskUs Language Academy is our way of unlocking the talents of our own people, providing them with an opportunity to grow personally and professionally while contributing to the economic development of our city.”

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