Success in Translation: How Video Transcription Services Elevate Brand Experiences

Video transcripts are a great way to enhance the viewer experience. Here’s what you need to know about video transcription services and how to outsource them

Published on March 9, 2023
Last Updated on March 9, 2023

As more people turn to streaming as their primary source of entertainment and information, subtitles, or video captions, have quickly become an essential part of a viewer’s experience. Transcripts also improve accessibility and inclusivity. Speech-to-text technology, for example, can translate the video into multiple languages, ensuring viewers from diverse backgrounds can enjoy content equally.


are more likely to watch an entire video if it has video captions

However, transcribing large volumes of videos requires a particular set of capabilities and resources. Fortunately, there’s an efficient and cost-effective solution: video transcription services.

What are video transcription services?

Video transcription services involve converting video data into text for subtitling and recording. It utilizes speech-to-text technology to produce a written record of a video’s audio elements, including background noises, music, and sound effects.

Video transcription is becoming an increasingly popular service across industries, especially in the entertainment industry, where accessibility is paramount.

  • Streaming services, such as Netflix, offer closed captions to show dialogue as text on screen, making content available in multiple language options.
  • In healthcare, video transcription services help create records of doctor-patient consultations, medical research interviews, and medical dictations.
  • The tech industry transcribes video data to improve machine applications such as an autonomous vehicle’s navigation system.

Depending on the capabilities of your provider, video transcription services can significantly enhance the speed, quality, accuracy, and overall effectiveness of video transcripts and their benefits.

Around 91% of businesses will use video as a tool within 2023, an all-time-high record indicating that video usage and spending will continue to grow. From enabling better accessibility to enhancing the user experience, video transcription brings many benefits in today’s competitive landscape:

  • Boost Web Traffic
    Video transcripts can help search engine algorithms gain an in-depth understanding of a video’s content, thereby increasing its searchability.
    Web pages with video transcripts earned 16%1 more revenue after transcripts were added.
    Additionally, video transcription can help optimize your keyword strategies by aligning the best-performing keywords with your webpage copy.
  • Increase User Engagement
    As your pages rank better with transcripts, user engagement will also improve. Turning on closed captions or reading through the transcript makes a big difference.
    92% of viewers1 watch videos without sound, making transcripts extremely useful.
  • Break Down Barriers
    Video transcription makes videos more accessible to a broader audience, including those with hearing disabilities or users who consume content in sound-prohibitive environments. Video transcription services can also transcribe video content in various languages, enabling businesses to reach a global audience.

Outsourcing Video Transcriptions: How to Choose the Right Partner

Outsourcing video transcription services can simplify the captioning process for businesses. Choosing the right outsourcing partner ensures your transcripts meet high-quality standards and promote great user experiences. Here are some things to keep in mind while choosing a video transcription partner:

  • Trained Resources
    For businesses looking to make their video data accessible to people worldwide, it's crucial to partner with a vendor that possesses:
    • Highly-capable resources
    • The ability to provide accurate and quick turnaround times in multiple languages
    • The capacity handles large volumes of video data.
  • Ease of Scalability
    Plans and projects constantly change, making it essential to have a partner that can adapt quickly and efficiently. Talk to your vendor about their ability to scale up or down effectively as your project requirements change.
  • Cost-effectiveness
    Cost is undeniably a crucial factor to consider. When selecting a video transcription partner, choose one that can offer flexible pricing options that fit your budget and project needs.
  • Data Security
    Transcribing video or audio data often involves handling sensitive and confidential information, making it crucial for your partner to be able to protect and secure these data. Look out for providers compliant with industry standards such as ISO standard, HIPAA for healthcare, and PCI for online retail and FinTech.

Outsourcing Video Transcription Services With Us

Quickly gaining highly rated reviews in Gartner Peer Insights, TaskUs has been the proven and trusted partner for high-quality AI services, including video and audio transcription. Our approach to data annotation uses a combination of human intelligence and advanced machine learning technologies, resulting in the accurate and efficient data processing.

We support over 65+ languages for our video transcription services, making it easier for our partner clients to reach multiple markets. Whether you need proven quality management, expert capabilities, or data security, you can count on Us.

Our commitment to Ridiculously Good results earned Us recognition as the World’s Fastest Business Process (Outsourcing) Service Provider in 2022 by Everest Group.

One of our collaborations included providing video annotation services for a top social media company. Our rigorous video annotation process guaranteed high accuracy levels throughout the project, which resulted in 97%+ accuracy results (surpassing the 93% target).

Read the full case study on Video Annotation for a Social Media Company to learn more.


Video Annotation for a Social Media Company

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