Video Annotation for a Social Media Company

Published on December 22, 2021
Last Updated on August 24, 2022

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) have shown accelerated growth in recent years. This correlates to shifts in consumer behavior due to the pandemic, particularly in the entertainment, e-commerce, and healthcare sectors. Today, more businesses have developed AR/VR solutions as a safer option for their customers to experience their products and services. While Virtual Reality technology promises unique and immersive experiences, these solutions still need to be powered by human-labeled video annotation.

The Challenge

For years, TaskUs has been the trusted partner of a global leader and pioneer in the social networking space and consumer tech. Throughout our partnership, we have supported over 30 of their global programs, allowing Us to launch 37 new workflows for the client this year alone. 

One of the programs we handle for the client is their Video Landmark Segmentation Workflow—a program designed to capture facial expressions to better simulate their AR/VR landscape. 

As a reliable outsourcing partner, TaskUs took a proactive approach and performed a detailed root cause analysis to improve the program’s performance. This allowed Us to identify key opportunities and provide cost-effective solutions to holistically address our client’s business goals: 

1. Onboarding and Training

The previous training method was too complex for Teammates, resulting in low occupancy metrics. To address this, TaskUs deployed bots to aid in real-time coaching and send alerts whenever an audit is submitted, which drastically improved the occupancy metrics. 

2. Efficiency

TaskUs designed bots to specifically address the lack of visibility on real-time occupancy. The integration of bots into the process improved the efficiency of Teammates and allowed them to focus on other high-level tasks.

3. Quality of Output

The client faced prolonged audit processes and inaccuracies concerning the data output. In response, TaskUs created a Centralized Audit Repository that allowed Teammates to improve the quality of their output and increase audit capacity.

TaskUs’s bot deployment helped the client perform a more detailed root cause analysis. We also compiled video annotation best practices to address the client’s low occupancy metrics. Challenges are efficiently addressed and remediated with minor process improvements – thanks to a strong partnership and high Teammate engagement.

The Results

  • The campaign’s FTE count increased from 350 to 450
  • Performance results were at a 97%+ accuracy, surpassing the 93% target

Pandemic restrictions have increased online engagement, along with technological advancements in the Virtual Reality space. The opportunities to expand AR/VR in the social media industry are endless as new tools, platforms, and virtual social possibilities develop. 

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Shoma Kimura
Sr Dir, Community Operations
Shoma has over ten years of experience growing and managing gig economy operations, focusing on the marketplace and community management in last-mile delivery, localization, and data annotation. Shoma also leads the Taskverse freelancing platform as its solutions leader.