Operational Excellence Strategy: Transforming an Underperforming Outbound Sales to Increase Performance


Having an effective operational excellence strategy at the backbone of outbound sales efforts greatly contributes to business success. According to Hubspot, more than 40% of sales professionals reported that the most challenging part of their sales process is prospecting, while closing and qualifying leads came in second and third, respectively.

When a well-established brand with a strong consumer base was having issues with converting prospects promptly, their team leaders struggled to identify the root cause. Eager to enhance and optimize their current operational excellence strategy, this well-known social media company came to our CX Consulting team. This engagement had three main objectives in driving operational excellence:

  • Improve productivity
  • Optimize sales performance
  • Accelerate agent time-to-competence to start generating sales more quickly

Our Consulting team’s solutions involved technology enhancements, process optimization, and behavioral changes. A frontline-focused strategy, wherein each weekly task is clearly defined, enabled a broadened understanding of business needs. At the same time, the technology integration made in the client’s existing collaboration system streamlined the access to various data sources. Our team set up a standardized method of logging customer notes on the platform to enhance continuity for new agents. These recommended changes in the client’s operations made way for improved product knowledge and outcomes among the agents.

Learn how TaskUs’s efficient Operational Excellence Strategy enabled the client to pinpoint the root cause of productivity issues, increase pitch rates by 175%, accelerate frontline team competency, and deliver significant customer service improvement by downloading our case study.