From Trash to Treasure: TaskUs Partners with Local Upcycling Brand to Breathe New Life into Old Billboards

The contemporary challenges of climate change, biodiversity loss, and resource depletion have emerged as some of the gravest environmental concerns that confront us today. However, nations across the globe are taking bold and concerted efforts to address these issues with a growing sense of urgency and determination to protect our natural world.

  • The Philippines, recognized as a major contributor to mismanaged plastic waste (MPW), has established legislation and rules to improve the management of plastic pollution, particularly for large corporations.
  • Despite grappling with growing level air pollution, water scarcity, and soil degradation, India has emerged as a leading producer of renewable energy.
  • The US is currently ramping up efforts to combat climate change, rejoining the Paris Agreement and implementing policies aimed at decreasing greenhouse gas emissions and transitioning to a clean energy economy.
  • The European Union has implemented the Emissions Trading System (ETS), a carbon pricing mechanism, which sets a cap on the amount of carbon dioxide that companies can emit and creates a market for trading emissions allowances.

However, the environmental crisis is not bound to specific countries but affects the whole planet.

Heeding the Call

The theme for this year’s Earth Day is “Investing In Our Planet,” which has been brought forth by EARTHDAY.ORG, the premier organizer of the global event. Their call to action is not limited to individuals, but extends to larger entities such as companies and governments. TaskUs, being acutely aware of the urgency of the matter, stands committed to answering this rallying cry.

TaskUs, a leading provider of outsourced digital services and next-generation customer experience to the world’s most innovative companies, aims to make a positive impact on the community through various activities and advocacies. This year, we’re participating in the circular economy by partnering with SIDE B Upcycling Retail Inc., a Philippine-based upcycle wear brand that works with local craftspeople to turn surplus waste into unique, eco-friendly, functional products.

SIDE B uses discarded materials like tarps, old fabrics, flour, and jute sacks to craft its products. Additionally, the brand prioritizes showcasing Filipino craftsmanship and upholding ethical practices by providing fair and livable wages to local artisans. It also supports diverse causes through charitable product donations and financial contributions from its sales.

In 2022, TaskUs’ Philippines sites used more than 100 tarps for advertisements. In December of the same year, through an informal partnership, SIDE B tapped TaskUs for its used billboard tarpaulins that were subsequently transformed into bags for the brand’s collection, as well as for a special project that donated 200 school bags to children. In March 2023, TaskUs tapped SIDE B to create bags for guests during the launch of Greenhouse—TaskUs’ newest site in Molino, Bacoor, Cavite.

Exclusive fanny pack bags made of used TaskUs tarps

TaskUs’ tarps transformed into backpacks

This April 2023, TaskUs is formally partnering with SIDE B to create insulated lunch bags from old TaskUs tarps which will be distributed to a partner beneficiary. In addition, TaskUs also commits to donating its used tarpaulins by year-end.

“With an established partnership, SIDE B looks forward to assisting TaskUs further its sustainability efforts and positively impact more Filipinos who may benefit from our eco-friendly products,” Stu Balmaceda, SIDE B Founder, says.

“We are committed to building a better future for our people and planet,” says Victoria Alcachupas, TaskUs’ Division Vice President for Integrated Marketing. “This partnership is just one of the Ridiculously Good ways we’re investing in both the environment and local businesses. By supporting a circular economy, we’re reducing waste and giving these materials a second life. We’re excited to be part of this initiative and hope it inspires others to take action towards a more sustainable future.”

A Circular Future

TaskUs views environmental sustainability as an ongoing, long-term commitment. From its inception, the company has prioritized sustainability, exemplified by its cloud-based infrastructure that allows for an asset-light approach to working with clients. To optimize facility efficiency, TaskUs actively manages seat utilization and implements programs for recycling, energy conservation, and water efficiency. Furthermore, the company has been paperless for over 5 years and enforces policies to limit single-use plastics on its sites. Amid the pandemic, TaskUs has embraced remote work, which significantly reduced emissions associated with employee commuting. The company also expects to utilize a partial work-from-home model moving forward, which allows it to grow its team faster than its footprint over time.

To promote a healthier and more environmentally friendly commute to work, some TaskUs sites in the Philippines and India encourage employees to use bimodal transport. These TaskUs offices have dedicated bike parking spaces and a bike-to-work program where employees are granted with bikes that they can pay back through kilometers they cycle. In Tijuana, Mexico, TaskUs built its site using refurbished wood and furniture. And recently, TaskUs announced its commitment to support renewable energy in Texas, USA.

In March 2023, TaskUs launched Greenhouse, a nature-inspired site furthering the company’s commitment to sustainability. Non-harmful, environment-friendly finishes and materials were used for the office decorations, fixtures, and wall paints. Furniture were also sourced from certified-green suppliers, closed rooms are equipped with motion sensor lights, and heat-emission are installed films in sun-heated areas to help lessen air-conditioning units’ energy consumption.

If anything, TaskUs’ partnership with SIDE B cements the company’s commitment in being one of planet Earth’s investors and an integral part of the circular economy. “We have this incredible opportunity to take care of Earth. It is the one main thing we all have in common and how we can care for the generations to come,” says Rhonda George, TaskUs’ Global Sr. Director of People Strategy. “TaskUs sees the bigger picture—if we invest in our planet, we are also investing in our employees and the communities we belong to.”

TaskUs is calling out to other enterprises, big or small, to also be an investor for the planet. If you are interested to partner with TaskUs in taking steps toward a sustainable future through upcycling used tarpaulins, email