The Freedom to Think Differently

Sportsman | Researcher | Teacher

Being one of TaskUs’s Data Scientists, my role is to identify and solve day-to-day business problems. I help find an opportunity within the challenges faced by Operations, and build solutions to make their work easier and to speed up their processes.

After spending nine years in the core IT industry, I found it difficult to switch to the BPO industry. But during my interview, I really got impressed with TaskUs’s Vision, Mission, and the Data Science department. That helped me a lot to decide to change my career path.

I’ve experienced TaskUs’s visionary leadership since day one. The leaders do not only help me grow as a Data Scientist but they also provide me the growth that I need personally, which makes me feel as if I’m part of a family. Here I’ve experienced that leaders are always open to talk and to listen. I’m just confident to stay here.