VR Data Collection for a Global Technology Company


VR Data Collection for a Global Technology Company


VR Data Collection for a Global Technology Company

As the market for Virtual Reality (VR) applications continues to grow, developers are increasingly relying on data collection services to ensure their VR experiences work for all users. Through outsourcing vendors, companies can collect data on a large scale to train their AI products to understand consumer behavior1. But with VR technology involving many complex models, they require massive amounts of data to be collected from thousands of diverse participants. 

VR datasets must avoid any bias and fully represent the target population. Aggregated data is essential, and businesses must consider the precision of the information they’re gathering. It must be thoroughly evaluated and verified for accuracy. If all these conditions are met, this data can give companies the ability to better understand their operations and customers in real-time2.

The Challenge

Our client, a global technology company, is a pioneer in the social networking space and consumer tech products. They needed to collect thousands of visual data samples to train machine learning algorithms for their Augmented Reality (AR) and VR products with these goals in mind:

  • Recruiting for Diversity
  • Operational Complexity
  • Quality Control

For them to be able to accomplish these, they needed an experienced partner who can deliver #RidiculouslyGood results and high-quality data on time and within client requirements.

The Answer Is Us

TaskUs’ experienced operational teammates and freelancers from TaskVerse worked together to execute these solutions:

  1. Crowdsourced Data Collection: The team quickly recruited a diverse crowd to participate in the data collection project.
  2. Data Collection Tools: The team captured advanced metadata from thousands of participants through TaskVerse.
  3. Online Moderation: TaskUs utilized in-house, remote moderators to assist participants in real-time.
  4. In-person Data Collection: Besides remotely collecting data from TaskVerse freelancers, the team also conducted in-person data collection with these steps:
    1. Participant Sourcing
    2. Capture Planning
    3. Execution
    4. Capture QA
    5. Delivery

To assure quality, the QA team conducted thorough training with the TaskVerse team, did weekly client check-ins, and worked to address issues in real-time.

Learn more about TaskUs’ data collection capabilities by downloading our case study.


VR Data Collection for a Global Technology Company

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    VR Data Collection for a Global Technology Company


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