Trust and Safety for a Music Streaming and Podcasting Platform

Published on March 28, 2023
Last Updated on March 28, 2023

The Client: A Global Streaming Music Platform

The Challenges

  • Insurmountable audio recordings and transcriptions unchecked if compliant to the platform’s community guidelines
  • Uncurated audio content due to sudden large volume

The Answer is Us

Starting with 45 FTEs in Greece and the Philippines supporting 6 languages in Q2 2021, our outstanding performance in Trust and Safety led to the growth and expansion in 2022 to Malaysia and Mexico with 306 Teammates supporting 23 languages (APAC, Indian, European).

TaskUs partnered with the necessary set of AI tools to review large amounts of audio to improve its capabilities. We leveraged our existing, diverse social media content moderation processes and systems to create a platform that enabled team members to moderate large amounts of audio efficiently.

The Results

TaskUs was able to make a horizontal move, adding audio content moderation to our offering. By recognizing a new business opportunity, and moving quickly to create a solution, we have grown our audio content moderation line of the business significantly. By partnering with a leading audio streaming platform, TaskUs today:

  • Reviews internal guidelines and supports the implementation of explicit public-facing policies (analyzing and filling the policy gaps).
  • Institutes calibration for policy enforcement.
  • Analyzes error and escalation rates to spot loopholes and collaborate on training documentation improvement.
  • Deploys human resources around the clock and support with 30+ languages, across 28 sites, in 14 countries with 24x7x365 coverage and a fully functional W@H solution.
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Siva Raghava
Senior Director, Trust + Safety
As a Senior Director, he and his team focus primarily on scaling Trust & Safety practices globally. Developed expertise while helping organizations in Product Operations, Content Moderation and Management, Project Mgmt., Global Solutioning & Vendor Management, Digital Marketing Ops, Content Policy Creation, and Content Policy Enforcement. Siva is a “truly diversified” Trust and Safety professional driving a purpose on platform safety for online communities at large for over 17 years. Worked with some of the premium brands in this space building deep domain expertise globally.