The Essential Component of a New Product is a Well-defined Customer Experience Strategy

Published on August 12, 2021
Last Updated on August 24, 2022

A great customer experience is about more than just good customer service. Getting to know your customers and building and investing in a long-lasting relationship with them are keys to making each customer journey a personalized experience.

Qualtrics XM’s 2019 report on ROI of Customer Experience showed that even minor changes to customer experience, such as fine-tuning integration or real-time support, can improve customer loyalty1. The Customer Experience market is poised to continue its growth and support an impressive compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17.5% from 2021 to 20282.

Embarking on new ventures such as new product launches is a big and pivotal step for every business. Innovation should be accompanied by a well-designed and scalable customer experience strategy to achieve higher customer satisfaction rates, reduced customer churn, and increased revenues.

The Challenge

A well-known social media company was about to launch a new product that catered to a much broader audience. The Client needed a partner that is capable of understanding the needs of their complex audience, from anticipating customer inquiries to supporting CX channel strategies. They wanted to build a customized, end-to-end CX strategy that is fit to the new product while staying true to the company’s culture, philosophy, and brand. The Client knew this wasn’t going to be a one-size-fits-all solution, which was why they turned to Us.

Our #RidiculouslyGood CX Consultants identified three ways to add value to the customer experience strategy:

  1. Email Support
  2. Customized, End-to-End CX Solution
  3. Framework to Measure Success, Adjust, and Improve

TaskUs’ consulting team also leveraged existing client data, focus group results, and their own acquired knowledge to create detailed customer journey maps. Because the Client is a cutting-edge company, they wanted a full range of CX channels, including text chat and video chat, on top of voice and email support. To meet this need, our consulting team recommended a phased channel rollout.

Download our case study, The Essential Component of a New Product Launch is a Well-defined CX Strategy, to know more on how to develop a customer experience strategy that is fit to your intended audience and optimize an omnichannel approach to foster the success of your new product.

Download the full case study


Ricky Girson
VP, Social, Streaming, & Gaming
Ricky leads the Gaming, Entertainment, and Social Media vertical team at TaskUs. Prior to joining TaskUs, Ricky covered Telecom, Media, and Entertainment at IBM, where he helped strategic clients with their Cloud, AI, and Big Data transformations. Ricky spent over 5 years in the Entertainment Industry, serving roles within leading talent agencies, movie and television studios, and Big Media where he witnessed the rise of streaming, social media, and gaming. He pivoted to Tech to help the Entertainment sector navigate an uncertain future. Ricky’s passion is the magic occurring at the convergence and collision of industries like Gaming, Media, and Tech. He resides in Dallas, Texas with his family.