Real-Time Data Visualization for an Autonomous Driving Company


Real-Time Data Visualization for an Autonomous Driving Company


Real-Time Data Visualization for an Autonomous Driving Company

As industries continue to grow, the need for outstanding support solutions becomes more in demand. World-class outsourcing services make the difference as they navigate a consistently evolving business landscape, particularly for the transportation industry where self-driving cars have become a reality. 

Autonomous vehicles are taking the road by storm thanks to AI advances, making it more critical for transportation services to take the necessary steps in driving road safety and mobility for all parties involved in their day-to-day operations. But taking users from point A to point B is not as simple as one might think, as businesses would need to leverage outsourced IT support services and excellent AI training data services to ensure the safety and ease of use of autonomous vehicles. That’s where TaskUs, a company with data visualization capabilities, comes in.

The Challenge

When a client launched their autonomous vehicles, they needed a team of Fleet Response Specialists to closely monitor and provide real-time support for vehicles on the road, while upholding the business’ performance standards. Originally starting with 125 temporary Fleet Response Specialists, the client reached out to Us to help them keep up with the demand as they expanded with more self-driving cars in more locations.

The Answer Is Us

We took on the challenge and provided training for the company’s existing team, focusing on their Fleet Response Program. And because we believe human-in-the-loop is key for more efficient AI, we also ensured these specialists are capable of providing real-time data visualization support for any possible roadblock.

TaskUs hired dedicated recruiters to facilitate specifically-designed tests on spatial recognition, detail orientation, and even gaming perspective to ensure new team members meet the client’s standards. In addition, newly-hired teammates also went through a minimum of 12 weeks of comprehensive training before getting fully certified.

TaskUs also prides itself on its people-first company culture and this was no exception. Our wellness programs, among other employee benefits, were made accessible to every teammate handling the campaign. Our safety and fatigue management, in particular, ensured each teammate’s time is being managed accordingly, enabling them to deliver excellent results.

The Results

Through our comprehensive training and people-first programs, we were able to drive the following results:

  • 92% Fleet Response Correctness
  • 99% Collision Alarm Response for 3 consecutive months
  • 20B+ Real-world and simulated miles driven

Learn more about how TaskUs’ AI services provided excellent data visualization training and workplace programs that empower people to do their best work, ultimately delivering success for an autonomous driving company, by downloading the full case study, Real-Time Data Visualization for an Autonomous Driving Company.


Real-Time Data Visualization for an Autonomous Driving Company

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    Real-Time Data Visualization for an Autonomous Driving Company


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