How to Use Chat Support to Scale CX Operations, Increase Sales, and Improve CSAT


How to Use Chat Support to Scale CX Operations, Increase Sales, and Improve CSAT


Navigating New Heights: How Great Customer Experience Scales Operations, Increases Sales, and Improves CSAT

When was the last time you called customer service support? Were you satisfied enough to recommend the product or service to others? According to Nextiva, one-third of the consumers immediately shift to other providers just after one bad customer service experience1.

With the pandemic drastically changing the customers’ behavior, their expectations are getting higher as well. Offering products or services of high quality are no longer enough to survive, let alone thrive. Customers expect to be engaged at every touchpoint of your business2. To achieve this, a robust Customer Experience (CX) strategy should be implemented. 

The Challenge

A global eCommerce platform is transforming the way sellers do their business online. They implemented a number of support channels to assist their growing community. However, their reach and customer satisfaction rates start to diminish as they continue to experience hypergrowth. Above all else, they needed a partner that could flourish in a complex-care environment and rapidly scale with their company’s growth.

The answer is Us

After reaching out to several outsourcing providers, the client selected TaskUs as their first business partner. We provided support to their customers, which includes assisting merchants in website development to upselling the client’s products.

TaskUs had a comprehensive meeting with the client’s business leaders and provided honest feedback on their current processes. With our proactive approach, we were able to continue on a robust CX strategy that helped improve customer experience, increase sales, and improve customer satisfaction (CSAT). 

  1. Hired the Right People

    In a survey conducted by CareerBuilder, companies lose an average of $15,000 for every bad hire3. Getting the right group of people for customer support is crucial to the growth of your company. Not only will they be able to provide a great customer service experience, but also ensure that hiring costs will not negatively impact service levels.

    By hiring the right people, we were able to train our Teammates as their very own customer-centric professionals who are equipped with high consultative skills that align with the client’s culture. In a matter of six months, the subsequent personnel change was able to improve the customer experience ratings exponentially.
  1. Refined the Training Program 

    Prolonged training translates to lower performance. Our client fell into a lengthy cycle of training programs that lasted 10 weeks.

    TaskUs proposed a better approach to basic training. By shortening and breaking the curriculum down into individual topics and roles, Teammates were able to focus on one topic at a time and immediately apply what they have learned in a practice session. Also, supervisors constantly look for ways to improve operations.
  1. Personalized the Chat Experience

    Customers provide a significant value in human interaction in the age of digital transformation. In a study conducted by PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC), 78% of consumers say that they want more human interaction, showing that impersonal responses are not the ideal way to address customer concerns4.

    When TaskUs first handled chat support for the client, the chat responses were mostly scripted and impersonal. To address this, we trained Teammates on how to structure a chat conversation. This includes the proper way of greeting a customer to acknowledging and resolving their concerns. As a result, a more personalized relationship between Teammate and customer was established.

By focusing on these three key aspects of our CX strategy, TaskUs was able to provide a positive customer service experience and achieved outstanding results for our client. This includes the increase of customer satisfaction rates by a significant number, Teammates tripled in count, and a significant increase in the client’s revenue.

Customers are now more empowered than ever. They expect a great deal out of the customer support provided to them. Creating good customer service experience will increase the chance of having a positive impact on customer’s loyalty.

To learn in detail how an excellent customer service experience strategy can positively impact customer satisfaction, download our case study, How to Use Chat Support to Scale CX Operations, Increase Sales, and Improve CSAT.

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    Download Case Study

    How to Use Chat Support to Scale CX Operations, Increase Sales, and Improve CSAT


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