Make the Fun Last Longer: The Ultimate Player Experience is Keeping Your Customers in the Game

The global gaming market is estimated to amount to 268.8 billion U.S. dollars annually in 2025 [1]. 

With that growth comes the need for video game developers to increase their investments not only in developing new products but also in improving the ultimate player experience. 

The pandemic only underscored the massive shift in consumer behavior. As gamers and popular streamers produced more content, fans tuned in religiously to support their favorite creators and to cope with isolation. With the continuing rise in user-generated content, digital platforms are called to place more stringent policies and proactive approaches to their content moderation. 

The Challenge

A leading American video game developer wanted to provide a holistic, end-to-end player experience by providing robust content moderation and content security support for their online community. To make this happen, the Client must:

  1. Establish Credibility

Online credibility is on the line. As the client previously had a bad experience with a BPO vendor, having a credible partner who mirrors their company culture was considered pivotal to their business growth. 

  1. Cultivate a Unique Player Experience

One of the client’s main goals was to create a unique player experience, and since TaskUs is a people-first organization, they knew they had partnered with the right team.

  1. Increase Resolution Rates

TaskUs Team Leaders began coaching and developing “freehand typing” where Teammates would use macros as a foundation, but also include customization to provide a more personalized human interaction.

By providing a #RidiculouslyGood player experience, you can generate brand loyalty, increase revenue, and create a positive gaming community that keeps players coming back for more. Our years of experience and expertise have prepared Us to provide clients with the best content moderation strategy for them and their customers and prepare them to scale new heights and achieve greater efficiency.

We believe that making the online community a safer space will foster a more thriving ecosystem of gamers.

Continue changing the gaming scene with Us by downloading our case study, Game On: Increasing Resolution Rates for the Ultimate Player Experience. Learn more about how we helped this largest PC game distributor provide that ultimate customer experience that kept their players wanting more.


  1. Where competition turns into cybercrime: security and the gaming industry

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