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Here’s how we protect your users and prevent online harm with innovative and comprehensive digital safety solutions.

Published on April 4, 2023
Last Updated on April 4, 2023

The amount of user-generated content shared and consumed online has increased exponentially and unprecedentedly over the past year alone. While the web can be informative and entertaining, it has also proven to be a breeding ground for increasingly sophisticated, malicious activity – from hate speech to illegal and harmful content.
In a landscape teeming with bad actors, businesses need increasingly effective risk management solutions to keep up with all the abovementioned dangers—to protect their users and provide safe, enjoyable online spaces.

As a highly sought-after business service provider of top-notch safety and compliance solutions, we provide two essential services to guarantee the safety and security of your platform and its user base:

  • Risk + Response: Disputes and chargebacks can be a real pain, but have proven time and again to we help you handle them like a pro. Our comprehensive fraud protection, compliance, and chargeback management services ensure your platform is free from fraudsters and unauthorized transactions while keeping you legally compliant.
  • Digital Trust + Safety: We ensure that all user-generated content (UGC) adheres to your platform’s guidelines, is free from harmful content, and is appropriate for your user base. The importance of content moderation services shines through by providing users with a secure space to share their experiences without fear of harassment or exposure to harmful content.

Leverage our extensive experience in compliance outsourcing, risk + response management, and content moderation services. We understand every platform is unique, and we work closely with our clients to ensure the security and safety of your platform from every angle.

Implementing these services under one roof is essential for maintaining a positive brand image, keeping your users satisfied, and protected at all times.

In fact, one of our clients approached Us with two distinct challenges, specifically the need:

  • For a proven partner to proactively protect its users’ accounts.
  • For an agile, all-encompassing partner to build and scale an end-to-end player experience while providing robust Trust and Safety support.

Working closely with the Client, we developed an intensive and rigorous 9-step investigation process to analyze and thoroughly verify accounts before restoring access to the correct and high-value account owner.

To address the client’s Trust and Safety needs, we created a custom recruiting profile for content moderation teammates and conducted psychiatric checks to ensure potential hires could handle graphic content.

We LSO implemented a Train-the-Trainer model, with trainers and team leaders performing content moderation work to gain experience and compile best practices for the campaign.

  • Weekly review sessions with teammates were conducted to get feedback from the frontline for the Client.
  • Two-way continuous improvement was ensured through live, real-time chat between TaskUs leadership and client POC during hours of operations.
  • Key performance indicators were set to ensure consistency and quality of performance.

As a result of our strong partnership, we were able to produce Ridiculously Good results:

Increased cost savings by 15%, following an increase in productivity and efficiency

99.6% internal quality score versus a 99% target

Productivity score of 109.0% versus a 100% target

We continuously trained all our full-time employees (FTEs) to pivot as account issue specialists, swiftly investigating and resolving urgent fraud-related issues. Our teammates underwent a 10-day intensive training and 10-day nesting that included drills, scrimmages, and simulations from real-time experiences and lessons learned as we handled multiple issues.

The Client saw a significant improvement in their standard operating procedures:

  • Over 25,000 tickets were resolved—compared to less than 5,000 by their previous outsourcer
  • 100% client KPI achievement
  • Consistent cNPS score, thanks to open lines of communication with the client.
  • 180+ more teammates to handle four additional languages for compromised accounts.

Our outstanding performance led to TaskUs being awarded new complex LOBs by the client.

TaskUs is your one-stop-shop for addressing digital trust and safety. We know how to protect your platform from fraud and harmful content and ensure that you are legally compliant. We’re dedicated to providing high-quality human + AI-enabled services that are reliable and efficient.

Our Risk + Response and Trust + Safety services were instrumental in adding value to the client. Our efforts to address their distinct challenges resulted in significant improvements across the board. Our commitment to understanding our client’s needs and providing customized solutions sets Us apart and makes Us the trusted partner of choice for businesses worldwide.

Mitigating risks. Ensuring safety.


Siva Raghava
Senior Director, Trust + Safety
As a Senior Director, he and his team focus primarily on scaling Trust & Safety practices globally. Developed expertise while helping organizations in Product Operations, Content Moderation and Management, Project Mgmt., Global Solutioning & Vendor Management, Digital Marketing Ops, Content Policy Creation, and Content Policy Enforcement. Siva is a “truly diversified” Trust and Safety professional driving a purpose on platform safety for online communities at large for over 17 years. Worked with some of the premium brands in this space building deep domain expertise globally.