Effective Fraud Prevention and Risk Management for a Large eCommerce Platform

Published on December 16, 2022
Last Updated on December 19, 2022

The eCommerce space has long been plagued with fraudulent activities and risky transactions, which are currently growing at an accelerated rate.

An analysis conducted by TransUnion on global eCommerce fraud during the start of the 2022 holiday online shopping season, specifically during the 5-day thanksgiving weekend, revealed that risky transactions were 82% more prevalent than the rest of the year globally. In the United States, it was revealed to be even 127% greater.1

The Challenge

Our client was one of the many eCommerce platforms that faced challenges such as

  • Counterfeiting
  • Prohibited items
  • Product safety concerns
  • Increasing fraudulent activities
  • Onboarding of an increasing number of new sellers

The Solution

To ensure our client’s marketplace integrity, TaskUs worked with the Client Services, Project Management, Trust + Safety, and Operations teams and introduced the following risk management and fraud prevention measures:

  • Leveraged Experts in Trust & Safety Services: Our Trust + Safety Team  launched new Content Moderation practices such as proactive searches and a phased approach in addressing prohibited items to ensure the integrity of the platform
  • Robust Risk Operations: Our Seller Risk team leverages a variety of data—including transactions—to spot risky or fraudulent behavior at the shop level
  • Efficiency through Technology: All Teammates are carefully trained on the Client’s systems and automation tools to increase productivity and efficiency
  • Quality through Human Intervention: Our hybrid model has the balance of human intervention with the aid of digital innovation to ensure high-quality service
  • Built a Dynamic Team: We have a special team of Teammates who are cross-skilled for all workflows to allow us to quickly scale up and down depending on volume fluctuations
  • Close Client Collaboration: Our teams worked together to
    • Create workflows for each line of business
    • Standardize verification processes
    • Built insightful reports
    • Create a quality rubric to ensure smooth operations

The Results

With TaskUs being the client’s only partner when it comes to Trust & Safety, they were able to reach multiple performance milestones including:

  • A 95.79% Risk Operation Quality Score
  • An MI Quality Score of over 97% in Content Moderation
  • More than 3,000 reviewed tasks under Seller Verification
  • 98.82% Quality Score in Seller Risk

To learn more about TaskUs’ Risk + Response fraud prevention approach for eCommerce marketplaces, download our case study, Fighting Fraud and Reducing Risk through Meaningful Partnership for a Large eCommerce Platform.

  • 1^18% Of U.S. Ecommerce Transactions Were Suspected Fraudulent During 5-Day Holiday: TransUnion
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