Outsourcing Back Office Operations

The concept of outsourcing isn’t rocket science. At it’s essence, outsourcing is the act of paying a third party on a contract basis to perform a function for your business. The intent, for the most part, has been to offset … Continue Reading →

TaskUs Typhoon Haiyan Relief

TaskUs Typhoon Haiyan Relief FundLast November, the Philippines was struck by a massive typhoon that destroyed a large part of the country, claiming thousands of lives. The worst of the storm missed the TaskUs office in Manila, but quickly the magnitude of the storm … Continue Reading →

TaskUs Typhoon Haiyan Relief Fund

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On Friday, one of the strongest typhoons ever recorded whipped through the Philippines, leaving a wake of devastation in its path. With maximum sustained winds of 195 miles per hour, it is impossible to fully comprehend the force of the … Continue Reading →