How TaskUs Puts Employee Wellness & Resiliency First

Published on April 22, 2022
Last Updated on August 23, 2022

We are facing an increasingly stressful world, and often this means our mental health can be compromised. The global pandemic further highlighted how crucial it is to address mental health concerns, especially in the workplace. Industry trends show companies paying more attention to the mental health needs of their employees as a result of the pandemic. 

TaskUs considers employee wellness a top priority. We are committed to providing a safe, supportive, and positive workplace for all our employees – priding ourselves on our People-First company culture that ensures our Teammates are receiving all the support they need to set them up for success personally and professionally. Staying true to that commitment, we have established a dedicated Wellness and Resiliency department that provides evidence based employee wellness programs to bolster employee resiliency throughout the employee lifecycle.

Our Wellness & Resiliency team spans 6 countries and employees over 100 mental health practitioners and life coaches, ready to serve our employees’ well-being needs preventatively and reactively. These are highly trained, skilled mental health professionals able to provide the necessary skills and training that foster resilience within employees Our program utilizes both neuroscience, positive psychology and other evidence-based psychological interventions as the foundation of our programming.  Our round-the-clock support is designed to not only address our employees’ well-being but also to maximize employee efficiency. Aside from our mental health practitioners, we also provide employees with a library of digital wellness content, which includes The Wellness Radio, a podcast dedicated to topics within the wellness and resiliency space; a large selection of online courses which Teammates can access at any time, and regular virtual workshops and webinars conducted by both TaskUs and external experts.

We also believe that technology can come into play when addressing the well-being of our people. We incorporate wellness tools and technologies such as virtual reality, meditation headsets, and biofeedback equipment within our sites for our employees' use. Furthermore, we are also developing wellness technologies to assist our content moderators while they are on the job – such as blurring tools, visual-spatial gaming, and mood scaling tools within our current workflows, with the goal of further minimizing the negative impact of harmful content in the workplace. 

It’s also worth mentioning that our quantitative approach to scorecard development helps us provide accurate wellness data in terms of program effectiveness, program utilization, and program efficiency. Our Wellness & Resiliency Department is now able to extend services such as consulting and external research to the broader community. We want to help other companies effectively address workplace concerns stemming from mental health issues, and help build a safer environment for all employees around the world as well as a safer online space for users everywhere.

TaskUs’ Wellness & Resiliency department, in line with the company's dedication to providing a safe and positive workplace culture, provides our workforce with essential wellness tools and programs supported by experienced mental health practitioners and experts. See what makes TaskUs a key driver of employee wellness by watching the full video below:

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Rachel Lutz Guevara, LCSW-S
VP, Wellness and Resiliency
Rachel brings 12 years of clinical mental health and programming experience in various settings to her new role on the executive team. She is trained in numerous evidence-based clinical interventions, has developed and implemented programming at several collegiate institutions, and has experience in crisis and risk management.