TaskUs Mexico, a Key Player in Providing Employee Benefits, Increases Number of Paid Days-Off for Employees to 21

Published on February 7, 2023

TIJUANA, Mexico (February 7, 2023) — Mexican employees are off to a great start this year as they celebrate the new law that grants employees 12 or more working days' yearly paid vacation. Before this new law, employees were only entitled to six days' worth of vacation days annually.

Specifically, Article 76 of the Federal Labor Law now states: "Employees with more than one year of service shall enjoy an annual period of paid vacation, which in no case may be less than 12 working days, and which shall increase by two working days, until reaching 20, for each subsequent year of service. Starting from the sixth year, the vacation period shall increase by two days for every five years of service."

TaskUs (Nasdaq: TASK), a provider of outsourced digital services and next-generation customer experience to fast-growing technology companies,  a leader and a trailblazer when it comes to offering ridiculously good employee packages, has always been providing a number of paid leaves that is usually higher than what the law mandates.

Back when most Mexican employers only offered six paid leaves annually, TaskUs provided eight vacation days plus eight days of personal paid time off. With the new law, TaskUs implements its new and improved benefits with an additional eight paid time-off and a birthday leave–all of which are on top of the law-mandated 12 paid vacation days. This means employees, regardless of years of employment, are entitled to a total of 21 days of paid time-off annually. The leaves are also self-managed by its teammates, which demonstrates an unparalleled value of trust. 

Beyond the paid leaves, TaskUs also provides strong medical support to its teammates. In Mexico, companies often reserve benefits such as healthcare coverage for upper management. But at TaskUs Oasis (TaskUs Mexico), all employees regardless of position are entitled to access to:

  • Minor medical expenses insurance: Top-level medical coverage in hospitals such as the Women's and Children's Hospital for workers and their immediate families. The insurance is valid for 10 consultations or events per family per year and includes studies, medicines, and radiology.
  • Dental benefits: Insured for 35,000 pesos annually without a required co-pay.
  • Vision benefit: Insured with 2,000 pesos per year for glasses or contact lenses as well as a vision exam.
  • Insurance of major medical expenses: Coverage for 2.9 million pesos with a 10-percent deductible. The insurance includes specialists, car accidents, LASIK surgery, and international coverage worth 100 thousand dollars.

All of these were rooted in TaskUs' longstanding commitment to supporting its people's holistic health and well-being.  As a key player in the outsourcing industry, TaskUs acknowledges the importance of having a Ridiculously Good company culture in retaining and attracting this generation’s best talents.

"TaskUs is always one step ahead when it comes to giving employee benefits. TaskUs, at its very core, is frontline-first," said Porfirio Diaz, TaskUs' VP of Operations in Mexico. "We hope this inspires other employers to realize just how much value we should be giving to our employees. After all, happy and engaged employees lead to happy customers, which, in turn, result in business success."

On top of providing employee benefits that are beyond the norm, TaskUs also offers learning and upskilling opportunities as well as wellness programs. TaskUs provides stipends for its qualified employees under the Tuition & Professional Development Reimbursement Program as well as scholarship grants and stipends to its qualified employees' children under its Next-Gen Scholarship Program. It has its own Wellness + Resiliency team that offers free resources, life coaching, and 24/7 psychological and psychiatric services for those experiencing stress and other mental health issues. The company also continues to follow through with its commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion by striving toward a healthy gender ratio across its sites. 

To learn more about TaskUs, visit https://www.taskus.com or the following social media accounts:

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