Remote-working, Digitally Skilled Professionals in Demand in the ‘New Normal’

Published on May 19, 2020

With the implementation of the modified enhanced community quarantine and the general community quarantine, people are bound to face uncertainty. As professionals step out to a new reality, an important question remains: what will be the “new normal” for employers and employees? While there are different answers for every situation, it boils down to how fast people can anticipate and adapt to the changes.

Before everything else, companies—affected by the pandemic or not—should still prioritize people’s welfare from the onset of rebuilding. This means that all business restructuring should not only meet the requirements of a so-called “new economy”, but also ensure that all workers’ health and wellbeing are the top priorities while going through drastic operational adjustments.

A Flexible Work Environment

One crucial need that has emerged is a call for a more flexible work environment, which will have the majority of employees producing quality results through a remote work-from-home setup. Traditionally, it has always been a less-favored arrangement, but with the virus still looming and the lives of people on the line, companies should be willing to take the risk if they truly want to put its people first.

Another key factor that drives this new normal to fruition is the economical crisis caused by the pandemic. Today, entities that suffered huge losses were forced to lay off portions of their workforce. In effect, the new reality will have a competitive job market taking on an influx of a new breed of job seekers trying to get back on their feet as the new catalysts for business rejuvenation. Now, if companies are able to pull this off, it will be a manifestation of an essential digital transformation.

The challenge for recruiters, most especially digitally-inclined enterprises such as TaskUs, is to proactively seek-out and secure digitally-skilled talents that can deliver innovative solutions from home. “TaskUs is one of the first companies to shift to a work-from-home setup because, in the new world, companies really need to adapt”, said TaskUs Vice President of Recruitment for Southeast Asia, Carmela Sais. “But for Us, it’s not solely to sustain the business but to provide employment opportunities to people. That’s how we put people before profits and we even go as far as providing these remotely-working employees with the same benefits as the ones who work on-site.”

The Rise of Digitally-Skilled Workers

For the displaced workers looking to secure employment, digital skills will be the game-changer. “In TaskUs, there are jobs that don’t require you to speak, but you have to possess a good level of English comprehension to understand the task at hand. On top of it, you have to be digitally-skilled,” mentioned Sais in a recent interview with DZMM TeleRadyo’s TrabaHanap Live. This translates to one’s capabilities to grasp and operate computer tools and applications, which most innovative companies and clients require in this day and age.

This pushes professionals to make necessary preparations. For a company like TaskUs, job seekers need to be ready for a virtual hiring process. Interviews will be done online, so having a strong, stable internet connection is non-negotiable. Aspirants are also required to have a quiet and presentable environment when taking calls. “Other than the technicalities and the need to assert themselves, even more, it’s the desire to do ridiculously good work that truly matters because there are plenty of opportunities at TaskUs. Recruiters assess you based on your skillset, so if you don’t fit the job you apply for, you can actually end up acquiring a different role,” said Sais.

As we approach a new reality, changes are expected to unfold. But however different and challenging life could become, there will be fresh opportunities to seize. For the ones preparing to start anew, know that there are people who will always put you first before anything else. With that, know that they’ll be taking the same stride to face the new normal head-on.


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