It’s the Small Things That Count

Dancer | Music Lover | Wishes to Explore the World

It has been one and a half years since I joined TaskUs as a Teammate. And to tell you honestly, I love my work!

Being in the industry for quite some time, I decided to join TaskUs because I wanted to grow and to improve myself and my communications skills. My Operations Manager told me that If I wanted to be better at something, I should try to learn new things—and TaskUs offers this. In the process, I also get to meet amazing people, have lots of fun with them, and inspire others to join the company. 

TaskUs stands out from other BPOs in Indore. They celebrate all the important festivals here, including Diwali. They also provide one of the best healthcare packages and vaccination for employees. That’s how different it is, and I’m proud to tell everyone that I’m part of TaskUs.